Regional Differences (in Wario games)


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Thread about regional differences between different versions of the Wario games.
I'm pretty sure almost all of you know about the change from beer to bowling balls in Wario Land II:

But did you know that in Japan 9-Volt plays on a Famicom instead of a NES in WarioWare Twisted? Take a look:

For some reason the little guys in green are changed into miniature Warios. Probably because their detailed bright sprites would look out of place next to the gray NES.
The poses in WarioWare: Smooth Moves have been changed from the Japanese version. You can read more about it here.
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The cutting floor wiki is a great source for games with left over, beta, regional changes and other information.

You can find all my content I've uploaded for the japanese version of wario world on there as well in the link provided. Still very surpised to this day the final boss was changed so cosmically.
Let's not forget the obvious one. Wario Land 4 had a different ending song for each region:



They both work pretty well actually. The English one follows the title screen song in terms of feel, the Japanese one follows the Palm Tree Paradise song in terms of feel.
Crazy Wario is considered ¨Drunk Wario¨ in the Japanese version of WL 2:

American version

Japanese version

this is the first thing mentioned in the OP

WarioWare Twisted was extensively touched up for the NA release - TCRF has some of it but there's more, like poop graphics being replaced in some games and two toys being entirely removed for no obvious reason.

WarioWare Smooth Moves has an utterly insignificant difference but I feel compeled to mention it anyway: In the first town bulletin board, Wario says "I don't get my jolies doing nice things" in the NA script. It's changed to "I don't get my kicks" in the PAL versions.
WarioWare Touched anyone? The Mona Pizza toy is literally impossible to get in Europe because we never got WarioWare Twisted. That's almost an unintentional regional difference.
The UK version of Wario: Master of Disguise uses British Pounds as the currency, if I remember right. Not sure if that was the whole of Europe or what but it definitely was here.
I remembered there's also different music for the title screen of WarioWare Smooth Moves in japanese from the rest of the world.
Oh and the obvious, Wario Land
Shake! in Japan,
Shake It! in the US, and
T h e S h a k e D i m e n s i o n.... in Europe.
I remember there being a TON of changes made in Twisted from its Japanese version when it was brought to the West.

A lot of Japanese cultural references were removed and replaced with more Western ones. Also, poop was removed as much as possible from many of the microgames.