Share your Wario Land remixes/covers here!

Yay asking works!

Iam going to that too from now on, Iam watching lots of Wario videos lately so you might see some new members come by. Or not.

WELCOME choppy mouth horror

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Some more. Syrup Castle:

A Virtual Boy Wario Land remix?

Colossal Hole remix:

Wario Land 1 boss remix:

And another:

Toy Block Tower gets one too:

Rudy Remix? That sounds like a cool name:

Above the Clouds remix:

The Mt Teapot map gets a remix:

As does Wario Land 2's factory song:

And the final boss in the original game:

The escape theme from Wario Land 4 gets a cool one here:

More in next post!
Another Crescent Moon Village remix:

Hall of Hieroglyphs remix:

Palm Tree Paradise remix:

Pinball Zone too:

Wario Land 2 ruins theme:

A Mystic Lake remix:

Another Crescent Moon Village remix:

Another Palm Tree Paradise remix:

Hotel Horror's remix:

If Smash Bros remixed Wario music well:

Final chapter from Wario Land 2 remix:

Soft Shell:

So yeah, maybe I should just make a nice list with level names and then a list of available remixes and covers...
Wario Land Stonetooth Cave (Master of Disguise remix):

Wario's Greatest Escape (Stonecarving City remix):

Wario Land 2 final chapter remix: