Share your Wario Land remixes/covers here!

Here are a few from a remastering project I've been working on for a while now:

Looks like the forums only allow 5 SoundCloud embeds per post, so I'll leave it at that for now.

I've done more than half of the game's songs at this point, though (among other things), so picking only 5 to post was a challenge in and of itself! I may post more sometime if there's interest, perhaps in a new thread. :WLThumbsUp:

Sounds good! You did a good job at this.
Crescent Moon Village seems to be quite a popular WL4 theme to remix / cover, and I can totally see why.
Love the Boo laughs in this, even if they aren't in the actual level.
Actually, they are. The Boo Laughs are replacing the Doodle Woods giggle (record scratch-sounding thing). The Koat-wearing Kremling is being used for the E-o-keh-keh, and the HOO! is for the Gasp.
As someone who is almost overly familiar with CMV's sequence file, I have to say it's pretty cool that the guy basically recreated it 1:1 for use as an SPC. The arrangement is pretty cool, too. Instrument choices are pretty good, and the panning choices were cool to see-- especially with the lead EP. The parts where it would suddenly pan left were originally this unidentified MIDI CC that I think was originally tied to release time.
This cover shouldn't work, but somehow does:

the premise makes logical sense to me. it wouldn't OCCUR because I don't really care for metal covers, but I HAVE worked with four seasons before and it has the right elements for something like that. The Wildflower Fields guitar and Arabian Nights Mandolin have a timbre that feels very conducive for metal-style harmonies
Not to be nitpicky or anything, but TBH I can't see why this is so WL4-like except for how pronounced the arpeggios sound.
Yeah, that's exactly it. I can't really picture Yoshitomi getting fancy with it, save for maybe adding a big wobbly vibrato on everything to bring dizziness to mind.
Well, our WarioWare DIY cover making friend Squishy Pixelz covered Terrormisu's theme from Wario Master of Disguise: