[Poll] The 'Atari Box' Thread

Initial thoughts on this new 'console'?

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Atari Box? What is that you say?
Maybe this short video may give you an idea:

Now that you've seen that little snippet, you are probably asking yourself many questions.
Why is Atari making a console in 2017?
What games will be available?
When will we see a release?
Scooby Doo, where are you?
Did that last question have anything do to with the topic at hand?

Some sources speculate that the Atari will be just a mere 'NES Classic' clone for retro Atari games, whilst other sources say it will be on par with PC, XBOX, PS4, and Switch specs. In addition, other sources also speculate that the newest console will be an 'Android-based gaming console' like the forgotten OUYA.

What do you guys think? Would you be interested in hearing more about this new project?

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Can i just say that this isn't Atari, Its Infogrammes who bought their IPs after Atari went bankrupt and Infogrammes changed their name to Atari. I'm sure many of you know already but i felt like pointing that out.
Secondly this is obviously a cash grab after the NES Classic.
I don't buy into this if you ask me.


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From a 1986 computer game magazine, it seems by that point Atari was already reduced to a nostalgia act.