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Did you know, that in 2007, there was some Java mobile port of Mega Man 1 for Japan only (Or not Java- I have no idea, really. It's seems like port for Java, so...). It had weird framerate and controls... But It's Java port, it's kinda acceptable. In 2008, it received an upgrade. You can play as Roll.

So yeah, they took this version, and made Mega Man 1 Mobile out of this... not NES original! Longplay video bellow confirms this: Roll's new sprites at the end and Stage select screen after clearing Wily's stages (Lol why are they even here?).

Not only they kept awful framerate, you can't even play as Roll in this version... What a waste of potential.
I guess 2-6 ports were made on same engine, this game uses, as they are share same framerate and controlls. L- for Lazy.

Anyway, I really like Mega Man series. I think my favorite one goes to be classic sub-series (Surprise, Surprise). I guess becuase I introdused myself to Mega Man in numbers (from 1 to 10).

Also, what do you guys think about Zero in Smash. No one seems to talk about that.

They also made new Mega Man X remix. Kinda cool, because Smash 4 focused only on first 3 classic games music.


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Not a fan of X8? The only reason I'm considering picking up the retail version of X collection instead of just the first half is that I'm curious about it.
First played X8 with this collection figured it might be decent, but no it has poor controls compared to the classics and mediocre to bad level design. It's a very mediocre game and without the good mechanics of X4's engine, I don't really see it as worth owning. There's also some weird alt gameplay at times that gets pretty annoying.

It's not the most offense game or anything I just don't think it's worth the purchase.