The minds behind Wario

I registered a LinkedIn account since then and his profile page still says "Designer at Nintendo". Huh.


An update on the Smash Bros miiverse mention the alternate poses for the Wario and Rhythm Heaven trophy in Smash were drawn by "the original designers". I asked Ko Takeuchi if he was the one who drew them, and here's what he responded:


Wow, that's awesome! ^^ It's so rare to actually be able to speak to someone from Nintendo directly. ^^
I love this guy's art style.
Too bad Nintendo doesn't want anyone to talk to anyone from SPD that often. Even if they do "re-emerge under a new identity", Nintendo will just continue to ignore them.

Something tells me his answers to WarioWare/Rhythm Heaven tweets getting deleted shortly after sheds some light on that.
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If EAD made WarioWare, many of its characters wouldn't even make it past Miyamoto's "Do we really need that?" filter.

Even if some of them did, Mona wouldn't be Mona. No, she would be Wapeach instead.

Miyamoto once admitted that he was kinda jealous that he didn't come up with the concept of WarioWare. But boy, am I glad he didn't.
The minds behind Wario is no one anymore.

Reggie like looks at Wario and says "That's one ugly mofo. Get his ugly ass outta my Mario platformer."

And then Wario goes to the like, trash, and then, he like, stays there until another Mario Party is announced.

Wario Land and Ware is dead. He will only be in Mario sports, like K. Rool and E. Gadd.
Edge #148 had an itnerview with the WW team and as part of it, they drew concept art for Edge-themed microgames (yeah IDK either)


But especially interesting, and the main incitative behind this post, is this lovely little sketch by Ko Takeuchi! Thanks to Margaret Robertson for uploading it in public!:

Oh wow, that sketch looks pretty awesome! Especially cool how the characters have their original look rather than their Game & Wario one!

The 'edge' microgames look interesting as well. Maybe a theme for the inevitable WarioWare DIY sequel?
When was this interview? When was that artwork made?

If it's recent, that just makes me question even more why some characters were redesigned in Game & Wario.
Takehiko Hosokawa


What's his deal?

A largely mysterious veteran employee of Nintendo, Hosokawa's gameography is largely made up of Wario games: co-directed Wario's debut game Super Mario Land II, co-directed the first Wario Land, did graphic design on Virtual Boy: Wario Land, directed Wario Land II and III, was a designer on Wario Land 4 and WarioWare Touched, and assistant director on Game & Wario.

What else did he do?

Hosokawa is a regular on the 2D Metroids, being a designer on Metroid II, "system director"(?) on Metroid Fusion, level designer on Zero Mission and one of the directors of, um, Other M.

Where is he now?

Hosokawa appears to be still employed by Nintendo.
and now I'm tempted to make a post about the history of Nintendo R&D1

Incidentally, It's Coming™. I intend to start writing it after the end of my university year (ie: next week) Do the fine, dignified citizens of Wario forums have an expectation or suggestions?
If you're going to make it more than just a forum post (like a blog post or something, if you have one), be sure to title it "Nintendo R&D1: The Forgotten Side of Nintendo".
If you're going to make it more than just a forum post (like a blog post or something, if you have one), be sure to title it "Nintendo R&D1: The Forgotten Side of Nintendo".

Ever the pollyanna, eh : p? I've got a better name in mind...


Yesterday, I discovered Goro Abe is credited on Mario Party 10. It's almost certainly related to that amiibo board (since it has a bunch of WW references), but still, it's nice to see he's still involved despite the failure of G&W...
Okay, that's pretty cool. Anyone from Wario Land represented, given the Shake It elements included in the same game?
What about this guy?

Name: Gunpei Yokoi
State: Defunct

Not only the creator of the Gameboy but also a plenty of games:
Dr. Mario (Oldest Mario spin-off, that yet is alive & kicking)
Kid Icarus
And his biggest creation, Wario.

What was his deal?
He was like Miyamoto to the Wario series and also a techinal engineer.