The strange case of the Koopa Kid


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Mario Party The Top 100 made me think of some of the older entries in the series, along with what may be one of the oddest members of the Mario cast:

Koopa Kid is someone that always made me wonder what exactly the idea behind his creation was, miniature versions of Bowser that suddenly appear out of nowhere on Eternal Star to serve as a gimmick for the board and would go on to appear in every Mario Party until Mario Party 8 dropped them from the series.

I mean Mario Party has it's share of original characters and clone charas are nothing new to Mario spin offs, but Koopa Kid was odd in how he was treated like a different individual, but with complete lack of consistency on what he was, a minion to Bowser, a clone or a relative and that also goes to his moveset, having the random ability to transform into Bowser in 2 and 3 or being able to split into three different colored Koopa Kids and that's not even going into how they seemed to be a species of miniature Bowsers with seemingly hundreds of members.

At the end of the day Bowser Jr. fills the Bowser ally spot well enough and I doubt he would have even made the transition to the Nd Cube titles, even if Hudson hadn't dropped him beforehand, but a part of me would kinda want him back, if only because of how odd of a character he was.

Well that and nostalgia for the N64/GC/GBA titles.

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I really like the Koopa Kids. I think they are somehow more fitting into the MP series than Bowser Jr.


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These guys were definitely the weirdest thing around. Their relationship to Bowser was never explained.

A long time ago though, weren't the Koopalings referred to as "Koopa Kids" on occasion? But nowadays, they're solidified as "Koopalings".

Better yet, why the hell does Baby Bowser in the new Yoshi games (plus M&L2) look more like Jr. instead of these Koopa Kids? This, I don't get.

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I find it rather odd that Koopa Kid was exclusive to the Mario Party series since his creation was quite similar to Waluigi's. He also predated Bowser Jr. by quite some time.


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Weren't they removed by Hudson's request before being absorbed by Konami?
Considering that Hudson themselves stopped using him in for their last two Mario Party titles I highly doubt they ever said anything to Nintendo, in regards to Koopa Kid.


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It really just seems that when Bowser Jr came onto the scene the koopa kid or kids since even in the mario party advance games there were more than one were replaced by him. It's evident considering how many games Bowser Jr is in now as a more flexible character even appearing in main mario games not just in his initial appearance in Sunshine you got him in the Galaxy series as well as SM3DW and so on.

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I kind of wondered if in the Top 100 they would've brought him back or replace him in any minigames he might've been in but I guess they opted to not pick any minigames that have him.


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So...Is he in The Top 100 or not?

EDIT: Turns out he's not. The Final Battle from MP4 returns, but they're replaced with Bowser Jr.
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I freakin' love Koopa Kid/Baby Bowser. Ever since he showed up in Mario Party. At the time I figured he was actually supposed to be "Baby Bowser", similiar to how Mario Golf used Baby Mario. But it became clear in subsequent iterations he was something...else. A minion of Bowser's, the same species as he is, whom is able to multiply himself on a whim. We even got to see him playable in Mario Party 5/6.

But with the advent of Bowser Jr, Koopa Kid was seemingly 'retired'. Shame really, I've always felt it didn't have to be one or the other-- there's room for both of these dudes in the vast Mario world.