The Wario Cup Thread

Isn't breaking things in microgames fun, after fixing it?

Week 29's You Break, You Buy features microgames where breaking certain objects, from rocks in You Can Lead a Robot To Water to an entire skyscraper in Crash Course. Another one of those themes that makes much more sense when you see it. Perhaps the stronger characters such as Wario are a good fit for this.

I got a score of 3,081, using Wario, Mona and Red, with one lost microgame. Easily a Gold.
I aten'd dead! Sorry about not posting for the last three weeks, just been too busy. Yes, I did do every Wario Cup, though, so this will be a hopefully rare triplepack of Challenges; Week 30, 31 and 32.

To some extent, that's because the former two features everyone's least favourite characters. Week 31, Non-stop Ninjas, features, you guessed it, Kat and Ana in Double Play. Of course we all saw it coming. A lot of the time filling the screen with shuriken as you would in Friendless Battle works, though there are some very annoying challenges. Ice Climber is my nemesis here. Still, it's not as bad as...

Week 31's Yo-yo Time. Ah, yes. Just take Week 1's challenge, make it a Time Attack, keep the near-fast speed, and you've this awful monstrosity. This is the reason why I put off posting this for so long. Just... 9-Volt. Timing. Hope you made it.

Week 32 is a bit better. For once, it's themed around microgames, not a crew member again. This time, it's all about microgames with pushable objects, so naturally Wario and other characters who attack directly are quite great. The unusual rules.

I got a score of 6,769 (Silver) for Non-stop Ninjas, 0:41.48 (Bronze) for Yo-yo Time, and 2,825 (Gold) for Carry On.
These past four weeks I've been away have been a disaster. Original computer died, real life commitments, my tendency for the replacement laptop to freeze randomly... but here, have a belated terapack. My first attempt to write this, let's hope it doesn't freeze.

Week 33 is called Twice as Nice, and throws the most crew members at you in Double Play ever. You've got an eclectic character set from classics like Ashley and Kat to newcomers like 18-Volt. Just last as long as you can, and so I did at 5,276, a Silver.

Starring Penny is exactly what it sounds like. I haven't been the prolific Penny user I've been in the past so this was certainly a jolt awake. As someone who only rarely pause scums, I also found it difficult to get a good time; only 0:53.65, Bronze, in the end.

Money, Money, Money! is coming in for Week 35. Bit of Wario Deluxe creeping back in, there. Well, in any case, they're themed around collecting things. Simple, right? Well, not for Wario. 2,224, Silver, on my end. Not quite money.

IQ Test-o-rama continues the Test-o-rama saga with endless IQ testing fun. Not so fun is some microgames, most notably Block Puzzle which is quite difficult to do at speed for me. With 18-Volt, I got 4,108 for a Bronze.

Well, sorry to be so late, but I'm finally back. And I made it!
Yep, you've guessed it. The laptop that gave me a, well, spark of hope (that game's title) died again. And it took me this long to find the time to type this up on another replacement.

So, let's get back to work on covering June's and remainder of May's challenges, counting up from Week 37 up.
  • I guess the Surprising Combination makes sense if you think about it. Lulu and Jimmy both rely on strong melee attacks to do their thing, with Jimmy being a dance of control and Lulu being a straight if slow dart to the finish. Sadly, however, this is the one Challenge since Week 1 I didn't finish. It finally happened.
  • Bring a Towel allows you select a crew to get soaked in some water related microgames. Water physics sure are a thing, and they will quite slow you down, but nevertheless, I got a Silver with 2,205.
  • Another challenge I DNF. Tough to Master brings you the most gimmicky and often the most polarised or just plain hated, and asks you to survive infinitely with them.
  • Fun with Projectile brings you some very projectile-based characters. The good old 18-Volt with free aim, and also Ashley and Mike, who are pretty great at that too. Then it asks you to get to the finish as fast as possible, as always. This one I got a Bronze, at 0:42.66.
  • Enough with the Heroics revolves around, well, saving stuff that isn't Wario. Except maybe it is him saving himself. Pretty simple yet effective theme for this one, I got a Gold at 3,202.
  • 27 Volt, for when 9 nor 18 volts just ain't enough. Of course, since 18-Volt and 9-Volt control not nearly the same, this one is about as difficult as can imagine when going endless. Even Wario knows it. Bronze, 3,092. I think there was one very hard microgame combo, but I can't remember now.
  • Back to Basics throws you into yet another impromptu theme... Practice Controls! Yes, they somehow turned this into a Challenge theme. It even has the microgame transition which will time you. It can be surprisingly hard to get there fast, especially if you've never used the practice controls because you're just too good at it. Especially 9-Volt which can be a timesink. In the end, I got a Bronze, at 1:19.83.
For real though, I can say that I'm back, finally.
Another three challenges in the bag! Hey, at least the wait time wasn't as obscenely long.

*Week 44's That's Pushing It focuses on pushing things. Wario's specialty! But I also made sure to bring along 5-Volt and Jimmy T for the ride. This theme feels... kind of familiar, but I still managed a 2,580 point best for a Gold.
*Magic Formula is another highly experimental character pairing, though at least not in Double Play. You swap between Penny and Ashley, and just last as long as you can with the constantly swapping controls. I managed 5,518, or a Bronze, with this pair.
*On Repeat... what a lame challenge. The title doesn't make any sense, and the description seems misleading. You would think there'd be a repeating set of microgames, but it's just like any other collection... without repeats, only just appearing in the same order like Speed Skater. I managed a time of 0:48.95. Some microgames are real run killers, for example, Slime Time due to its RNG, and that is why I struggled with a time better than what I got.
This week's challenge, "Lights Out," is pretty easy. Makes me worry next week's final challenge will be super difficultImscared:. I've been going for the gold trophy each week.
Took me a couple of tries to get the gold trophy, but the final wario cup was pretty easy compared to past ones. Controlling two Warios makes the fight with Pyoro end faster.
Got A-rank on the final one with 9% percentile. And that's a wrap.

Very mixed on Wario Cup overall. The concept of a weekly leaderboard is great and it was nice to have a "campfire" of sorts. but there was a *lot* of dreadful, frustrating shit. Way too many of the sets had overeliance on RNG (stuff like "If I don,t get orbulon on the underwater garbage game, I might as well reset") if you wanted to compete in the letter grades. And the focus on limited game sets forcing you to use Kat and 9-volt if you wanted to have any hope of competing really put a lot of the game's design issues to the forefront. There should've been way more challenges that let you pick a single character and do unlimited games.

I went for A-Rank and did until (I wanna say) week 35 until I realized I wasn't having any fun and just contented myself to get the Gold cup.
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