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In addition to the ones warelander posted (which are very good), I have maaaaany favorites to post, so brace yourselves.

An unforgettable title song! It symbolizes everything that's fun and quirky, like the series WarioWare is.

And it inspired this amazing remix in Smooth Moves. :)

And it's part of Dr Crygor's theme, where it gets even more wacky. :)

Wario-Man remixes it in D.I.Y. Showcase! Wait...I can't find a video for it. =/

D.I.Y. also has a great title song!

Dribble & Spitz's greatest hit, in a special Nintendo album version. Wait...I can't find that version, so have the game version instead:

Really beautiful DriSpitz song from Smooth Moves.

And now the cabbies are present in a badass tune that fits their cool style.

But they're so varied, that they get to have an epic space song as well.

Go Dribble! You're too cool to lose to girls! Wait...I can't find a video for the song of that Mona vs. Dribble mini-game from the first game. :(

Japanese version of Body Rock, with lots of fun Engrish (sadly video leaves to be desired though, as it misses the first few notes).

This ended up being Jimmy's main theme. It's worth of being so.

But this Jimmy one still rocks.

I loved this multiplayer game in Mega Party Game$. The turtles are so cute!

I liked how this boss was so cute and fun, while Kat was so intensely focused in battling the skeleton. :)

And this one was hilarious. Wait...I can't find a video for the song that plays in Kat&Ana's Touched boss microgame...

The only good version of Ashley's Song to me. Can't beat one of the most famous Japanese voice actresses.

Last level of Game & Wario's "Ashley" had the best music to me.

I love Mona's theme, because it's based on the Shokorakeeper's theme in WL4.

Mona's take on some musical classics! I wonder how the European geniuses who composed them would feel about it? (I wish the videos had the random fun sounds you can make with the mixer...)

Orbulon's theme. So mysterious!

And I just loved this one. It made that silly RPG battle even sillier. :)

The first WarioWare and its GCN version had the best credits, in my opinion. With the latter being even better.

Very neat remix of WarioWare Inc. Medley.

Listening to this while seeing the Dr. Wario title screen brings a smile to anyone's face.

Never complete without the main theme of the hero of this show.

...But he has to share the spotlight now!

My favorite of the "all microgames" medleys.

Wario jumps the rope to a chill, WL4-inspired song. Not sure which level it got of from though. I think Wildflower Fields? Awesome regardless. Wait...I can't find a specific video for it, once more. :|

9-Volt's takes on good old SNES Star Fox.

9-Volt's take on Mario Paint, Super Mario Kart, Yoshi's Story, Wind Waker, four great games.

And finally, 9-Volt respects Wario Land. :) (also wish the videos had the funny sounds from the mixer, though I guess each one has his favorite sounds. I like Jimmy's "Oh yeah!" and that funny screaming one the most.)

I have more favorites, and I know I'm missing a lot of cool ones (especially from Twisted, which I played less), but this is what I can think for now.
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Thanks! And I had forgotten about this one: it's the closest thing we get to an overall Diamond City theme, since it covers the entire place in Smooth Moves. :)


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I used to play this minigame over and over just to hear this song ^^

Really cool battle theme, considering that your opponents are giant noses:

This one really made me feel like I was in a kung fu movie:

Then there are the obvious ones-- Mona Pizza, Ashley and Mike's themes, Wario de Mambo, Four Seasons, and all the other ones that have lyrics are great.


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I had a random urge to go back to Game & Wario (I like it personally, but can acknowledge it's faults) and man, I forgot how relaxing the Patchwork music is:


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Oh hey, another Ashley's song remix:

Yet another one:

An attempt in dubstep:

Somehow actually tried to sing the lyrics: