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Back in 2001, veterans game developers Nick Pelling (who's produced a lot of pool video games) and Jeff Ferguson pitched a game for the Game Boy Color titled "Wario Pool" to Nintendo in 2001. The game was mentioned in the 26th issue of the UK Retro Gamer magazine and the video of the cut-and-paste intro (which appear to have been the only thing produced for the game) was posted on the former's personal webpage but basically nobody heard of it before an obscure Mario stuff blog posted about it today

What do you think? That intro is charmingly goofy imo


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I like it. Intro looks pretty damn good for a Game Boy game, and it seems like it has quite a bit of charm too, especially for a game based on a sport like pool.

Maybe this would have done for pool what Mario Tennis and Mario Golf did for tennis and golf, opened them up to more casual fans who didn't have much interest in said sports beforehand.