Wario's Sonic equivalent is... Shadow the Hedgehog?


Just saw this on twitter. I don't know much about Sonic, but what do you guys think? I only played Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, Sonic CD, and a bit of Triple Trouble. Before this, I thought Knuckles would've been the equivalent.
I suppose in the sense of being a "dark" counterpart and a rival of sorts I can see it. Knuckles was initialized introduced as a rival character but that characterization has not been used in a long time. (I don't really know how Yoshi and Knuckles are counterparts aside from sometimes being the third main character at times I guess.)
wario + shadow both know their way around a gat
mario + sonic are both overrated
luigi + tails are both in the shadow of the main character
peach + rose both pink
yoshi + knuckles both portrayed as stupid
daisy + blaze both pretty irrelevant
waluigi + silver both will never be in smash
bowser + eggman both fail constantly
bowser jr + metal sonic both created by constant failures
donkey kong + alligator dude both fan favorites for reasons I cannot comprehend.
I guess this checks out.... I guess