Warioware Cartoon (Ideas or Discussions)

(My English isn't prefect)

Most of the time, video games to TV shows are bad, not super duper bad but still bad however some video games to TV shows are actually pretty good like Sonic SATam and Earthworm Jim.

So I made this thread about the Warioware series that could had it own TV Show and see any ideas of episodes concept or other stuff like what network that could air the show which could be a good idea or bad idea.

Here my prediction of the warioware cartoon look like:

Using the old warioware style, particularly Smooth Moves.
May not a amine
The Warioware Cartoon could aired on CN or on Netfilx. (I think Netfilx)
The Animation may be handdrawn not FLASH ANIMATION.

Do you think that the warioware cartoon could be good or not?


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I definitely think a WarioWare cartoon could work out well, especially as a series of shorts dedicated to one or more characters (like old school Looney Tunes cartoons).

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A WarioWare cartoon would be a good idea I think, since WarioWare already has that goofy, cartoony vibe to it. But it should be done in the hands of the right people. If it was done by the creators of, say, Gravity Falls or Phineas and Ferb, then I think we don't have to worry much.


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The WarioWare Cartoon could have playable microgames in the TV Screen, these microgames could been showed in the end of each WarioWare cartoon chapter.


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For a WarioWare cartoon, one of the possible ideas I would suggest is a show that has several shorts in one, with the shorts primarily focusing on Wario and the main cast (With a few shorts focused on the supporting characters such as Lulu or Sal-Out thrown in here and there) that rotate in and out (Outside of Wario's shorts, which will be in every episode) with some crossover episodes/specials that bring them all together for one story, (Though other characters can join in on the individual shorts as well, like Wario can be involved in a short focused on Mona or Orbulon can be involved in a short focused on Dribble and Spitz or what not, like how in Looney Tunes, they'll have Daffy Ducks play a role a Bugs cartoon or what not) and every now and then, there’ll be an overarching plot that connects the shorts together or what not.

Basically think Animaniacs or Looney Tunes or what not
Something on that level kind of.

As for why I feel like the anthology/multiple shorts in one episode format would potentially suit a WarioWare cartoon the best?

Because that's esstentially what the games' stories are, Sure there is an overarching plot in all of the games, but otherwise, the character stories themselves exist independently of the overarching narrative and just focus on whatever the characters are doing and the things that happen. (Hell, the series even rotates the character stories every now and then, such as Touched or D.I.Y), so I think this is probably one of the most suitable directions for a WarioWare cartoon to take if you were to do one.

Also and last thing, as for general transitions between shorts, I would probably go for something similar to the short little videos that play before Mega Party Game's title screen.

Just quirky, random little moments that play before and after shorts and some can even have have characters from the Mircogames appear or something like that.

Or alternatively, we can do a general framing device that revolves around the hijinks that ensue at WarioWare, Inc (similar to House of Mouse or what not.)
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