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Yup, I'm a madman. As if doing WW Tooned didn't showcase my fanboyism for the series enough.

For those who haven't heard of Reanimated collabs, the idea is to take the audio from an episode of an existing show (Or from a game's cutscenes in this case) and have individual artists redo the visuals for each shot synced to the original audio.

I loved Gold's cutscenes, voice acting, and sense of humor, but admittedly the actual animation was very limited, so it feels ideal for this approach. Not all cutscenes are currently on the table due to both how lengthy the total running time and collab production would be as well as how little the camera cuts in some scenes like Jimmy and 18-Volt.

You can follow the collab progress at WarioWare Gold ReAnimated (@WarioReAnimated) | Twitter and also join the Discord that's linked there, either to participate in the collab or watch the process there and give feedback.
Looks good so far! Will definitely share the completed video when it's posted online, as well as promote the collab whenever possible.
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The first collab has officially wrapped, as every reanimated shot has been finished and approved! I'm putting the finishing touches on the credits and poster, and currently plan to schedule a YouTube premiere for it this coming Saturday, with Newgrounds right after that one finishes. If you want to vote on the time of day the YT Premiere starts, vote in this tweet within the next two days:
The collab premiere was delayed a week, but it's now fully completed, and will premiere on YouTube & Newgrounds this Saturday.

A follow-up collab covering the remaining character scenes is also underway, but it'll be a loooong while before that's completely done due to the larger number of scenes and me wanting to focus on other objects. Would recommend following the Twitter to see more on that as it drops.
Nice! I'll watch it when it premieres this Saturday, and maybe also write an article about it for Gaming Reinvented.
Oh my goodness, this was amazing! My entry will be worked on for a few weeks to perfect it and right now, i am poor, so i can’t have premium on my app.
Just watched it now. Pretty good if you ask me, though I have to say it was a tad confusing seeing what scenes were included and what weren't. Like, showing Penny as a good singer in the club scene without showing her own intro explaining said new singing abilities or going from the club scene to the end cutscene felt a bit weird if you ask me.

Still, not exactly a real issue. Everyone who's going to watch this has played WarioWare Gold already and knows exactly what's going on, so eh who cares.

Either way, congrats is getting the project done, congrats to everyone who participated for their hard work animating their part of their respective scene, and some major kudos for showing us that people still care about the Wario series, even if it doesn't have as large of a fan following as Mario or Zelda or what not.

You all did great!
Just for fun, here's select scenes with the audio from Studio Mode dubs by YouTubers Nitro Rad & Vinesauce:

One of the participants also put together a side-by-side video of the collab and the original scenes: