WarioWare Gold Reanimated


Wario Fan Supreme
Yup, I'm a madman. As if doing WW Tooned didn't showcase my fanboyism for the series enough.

For those who haven't heard of Reanimated collabs, the idea is to take the audio from an episode of an existing show (Or from a game's cutscenes in this case) and have individual artists redo the visuals for each shot synced to the original audio.

I loved Gold's cutscenes, voice acting, and sense of humor, but admittedly the actual animation was very limited, so it feels ideal for this approach. Not all cutscenes are currently on the table due to both how lengthy the total running time and collab production would be as well as how little the camera cuts in some scenes like Jimmy and 18-Volt.

You can follow the collab progress at WarioWare Gold ReAnimated (@WarioReAnimated) | Twitter and also join the Discord that's linked there, either to participate in the collab or watch the process there and give feedback.