What is the best Wario Land game for a newcomer into the series?

I know we've had these discussions before, but it's kind of relevant to me know, and maybe your opinions may have changed.

I know somebody who hasn't played any of the Wario Land games, but is interested in getting into them.
So, considering how different the games are from each other...

What game would be the best introduction into the series?

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I think Wario Land 1. Not only because it's obviously the start of the Wario series, but also because it introduces the exploration/treasure hunting aspect that can be found throughout the series.


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I'd say Wario Land 2 because the mechanics are closer to the other games in the series and it's long enough they won't need another Wario game for a while. My second choice would be Wario Land 4 simply because it's my favorite one and I think it's hard not to like it.


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As crazy as it sounds, I'd actually say VB Wario Land (if not for the colours it has) because the gameplay is so fluid and the challenges so clever, I think a newcomer would get a good feel on how good Wario Land can be!
Of course, since VB Wario Land is kinda not perfect because of the Virtual Boy curse, I'd definitely pick either Wario Land 2 or Wario Land 4, same reasons as Bubba.
I would also place Wario Land 3 on the list because a lot of people consider it to be the best, and a lot of newcomers actually started with Wario Land 3. So yeah, all and all, any game goes, really.