Where did you start with Rhythm Heaven?


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We all have our firsts, and this series is not an exception. Maybe you started with the DS game? Perhaps you started with Rhythm Heaven Fever? Maybe you were there since the beginning and started with Rhythm Tengoku.

We've all started somewhere. Where did you start, and what stuck out the most?

Me? I started with Rhythm Heaven Fever. I was in a bit of a WarioWare phase after playing D.I.Y. and Smooth Moves, and I saw this game that was made by the same people.

What stuck out to me? The art direction is very pleasing, and the music was quite catchy. In fact, I think it reminded me of why I played video games in the first place.

So, where did you start, and what stuck out? What are your fondest memories of the series? :)


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Started on the DS game rhythm heaven, though I'm unsure if it's called something else in Japan it might as do most games like these do. First time seeing or even hearing this game was from another online community I was in. I'm sure I said this on another thread but I'll say it again I first knew about this series when a chat I went to for sometime a few years back started back when I noticed people were having icons of characters that I guess would be stuff like blue birds, dj Yellow, fan club popstar and so on.

The character designs and most of all music such as karate man's stage music mostly is what got me wanting to get the game. At the time I wasn't really too into rhythm games as the only experience I had was taiko drum on the ps2. Afterwards I got rhythm heaven for the DS, it was really difficult for me at first but it really well worth trying out a brand new series and a genre of game I wasn't familiar with. My fondest memories of it would be how I'd get stuck one a lot of these games and from certain games sound effects or choruses would get stuck in my head especially the blue birds' STICK OUT YOUR NECK! It's quite a cute series and would love to see more of the games be brought to western audiences in the future.


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i was vaguely aware of the series as "that rhythm game by the warioware guys". I looked up gameplay videos of Fever and thought the game looked fun and out of my comfort zone so I bought it.

I very much liked it. My sister also really got into it so I gifted her the DS game as a birthday present.


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I've known the first game for forever since I saw videos of it on youtube back in the day and always wanted to play it. But I never could back then.

But then Rhythm Heaven DS came out. I played a demo of it, (remember when you could download demos onto your DS from your Wii? How weird was that?) and instantly loved it! So I bought it and... yeah. Loved it. :3

But then the nightmare of Rhythm Heaven Fever began. No european release in sight. So, being the dumb kid that I was, I imported the japanese version, not knowing about region locks. So I wasted my money, and still had no game.
Eventually, ten million frickin years later, the game FINALLY got released in Europe. By then my hype train had wilted, died, and become compost.
It was still fun though... I guess... :STTnTT:

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Rhythm Heaven DS, my sister bought it, because we thought it would be a fun game for her to play, and after trying, I got my own version and shortly started to really enjoy the series. I like the visuals so much that Blue's design was inspired by it.
I'm not a fan of rhythm games, but the franchise is way too charming!


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The first time I heard of Rhythm Heaven was via a german videogame magazin called N-Zone, in which one of the reviewers brought the DS game up as a game that he was currently playing, along with a screenshot of Glee Club. Later on they reviewed Fever and I do remember being interested in that one and I even saw it in stores, but that was around the time when I was rather iffy on trying to step out of my comfort zone, which is something I have grown to regret nowadays, that I'm catching up with games that I missed because of that and RH is no exception to the rule.

A couple of months ago I ran across the DS game and while I was absolutely rubbish at it, I did enjoy the game and it did further my interest in the series. Then there is Megamix, which came out in Europe not long ago and I am enjoying it immensly, it probably helps that most of the games are completely new to me. I'd be lying if I said that the RhythmWare challenges weren't a big factor in REALLY getting my attention at first, but honestly, I'm enjoying the game as is so much that I spend more time getting superbs on the songs I didn't have ones initially, then I do on the Challenge Train, I just don't feel the need to rush and really want to catch up on Tengoku and Fever now.

So yeah, I'm a fan of the series now.


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I started the series via the DS game like a lot of people did (Which my brother owned at the time and I sucked at a ton)
But I didn't properly get into the series till I got Rhythm Heaven Fever for the Wii,
and what made me a fan is simply a combination of the charming presentation, challenging but fun and rewarding gameplay and the catchy as hell soundtrack.