Who do you think will be the 5 DLC characters for Smash Ultimate?


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Especially now that Sakurai said that Nintendo would be suggesting the characters, whatever that means. Do you think this will change who the DLC fighters could be?

Personally, I think we'll be getting primarily first party characters this time around unlike Smash 4's DLC. I'm not sure how outsourced series, such as Pokemon or Fire Emblem will factor into this. Also, I think Nintendo would prioritize characters from games that are about to come out, in hopes of boosting sales. My 5 characters (and walls of texts as to why) are, in no particular order:

1. King Boo - I'm relatively confident that King Boo will be a DLC fighter, since he's a bit more relevant than usual with the recent release of Luigi's Mansion 3ds and the upcoming release of Luigi's Mansion 3. Depending on how often DLC fighters get released, King Boo's release could feasibly be very close to the release date of the new LM.

2. Waluigi - Call me crazy, but I think Waluigi might actually have a shot if Nintendo is suggesting the characters. I personally didn't think he was going to make it in after they showed him as an assist trophy in the first direct, but I think he may have a chance now. Ultimately, Sakurai has to be the one to give his team the green light for a character, but someone at Nintendo has stated that they're aware of the amount of support that Waluigi has. While I don't think he is guaranteed, I do think that right now is his best shot to get in.

3. A Zelda newcomer - Personally I think it's really odd that despite the Zelda series' popularity and it's wide array of colorful characters, that we haven't gotten one since Brawl. On top of that, we've never had a character that wasn't a Triforce bearer. Skull Kid would have been really cool as another villain (especially one that has no relation to Ganon) but sadly he has been deconfirmed for a while now. I think we're long overdue for another Zelda character, but the question is who? Perhaps one of the Champions from BoTW?

4. Bandana Dee - As with Zelda, Kirby hasn't gotten a newcomer since Brawl, despite the series being relatively popular. Bandana Dee seems like an obvious choice, with Hal often protraying him as one of the main protagonists alongside Kirby, MK and Dedede, all of whom are in Smash. To top that off, Bandana Dee seems like Hal's first choice as a side protagonist alongside Kirby with him being the only other playable character in Kirby & the Rainbow Curse, and Kirby's partner in Battle Royale. What's more is that on the Kirby Cafe logo is Kirby and a waddle dee. Whether or not this is supposed to be Bandana Dee is uncertain, but I think it shows that Bandana Dee and just waddle dees in general have a lot more prominence in the series than most give them credit for.

And as for the 5th character, I have no idea. I'm eager to hear your 5 guesses!
At this point it seems more likely that we'll be getting a bunch of "unexpected" promotional characters. Joker (and Reggie's comments) pretty much shits on the idea of getting characters like Waluigi and Bandana Dee.

My guesses for the remaining four:

2B from Nier Automata

Monster Hunter

Dragon Quest character

Banjo-Kazooie Fire Emblem Three Houses character
They said that Joker is an indicator of the DLC's direction and how unexpected thoese newcomers are going to be, though that makes it sound like Joker was Wii Fit Trainer levels of out of left field, which he really isn't.

Not making any guesses, because it's easy to interpret any statement in a positive or negative manner, for any character and we don't truly know what Nintendo had on their minds when making their selection. The only thing I feel confident in guessing is a Pokemon and/or Fire Emblem promo character, because Smash has such a notable history with both.

Sure, there's some characters that I'd really like to have, but I'm not going to spend much energy on hoping for anyone. Joker is a cool character and I do like Persona 5, so that's already one character I'm on board with, even if I wanted certain others far more.

Plus, it doesn't matter either way, I'm getting everyone regarless, because the Rex costume is locked behind the Fighters Pass and I'm weak.
We'll probably get some more 3rd party and a possible indie rep. I do think Sylux is a potential character to come into Smash Bros. If Corrin made it in for the purpose of bringing hype to a new Fire Emblem game, then Sylux can do the same for Metroid Prime 4.
I only know one character that has the biggest chance out of getting in out of all wanted characters- Porky. Porky is a well-known antagonist from the Earthbound/Mother series, but there's one thing off about him in ultimate, and its that he has no spirit. Porky is the only subspace boss without a spirit. Including so it is Mother's 30th anniversary and the year of the pig (the pigmask army). There's no chance he isn't in.
Joker (Persona 5), Hero (Dragon Quest), Banjo-Kazooie, Terry Bogard, and Byleth from Fire Emblem in that order

Well, since we already got fighters pass 1 and Fighters Pass 2 has 3 more slots I am hoping for:
1. Commander Cody (I feel like realistically a Star Wars Rep would be a mandalorian or a Jedi but I really hope Commander Cody will join the battle. He would come with a Obi Wan sword fighter skin and his stage would be Utapau )
2. Dr. Eggman (I would love to see him in his Egg Mobile. Stage would be Death Egg and he could come with a Snivley gunner skin)
3. This ones really up for grabs, I will put my ones that I like down below
1. Ashley/Iron Man
2. Gordon Freeman/Team Fortress 2 rep
3. Cory Baxter
4. Master Chief
5. Payday 2 rep (Cloaker maybe)