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It still saddens me that Superstar Saga got a very rushed remake on the 3DS, rather than a full-out remaster on the Switch.
The lazy sprite usage, and the removed animations really make this game lose a lot of it's charm.
I heard some people say it's no big deal, but come on. How can you possibly have a university statue coming to life and attacking you, replaced with it re-using the laser from the mountain battle, and call that no big deal?

Bowser's Inside Story DX at least had a reason to be on 3DS, with all of the touch controls. Even the side game, Bowser's Jr Journey, is quite good, vast improvement over Minion Quest.

But damn, that Superstar Saga remake...

If only we could make our remake of it, without Nintendo taking us down...
I'm not sure if it's amusing or disturbing that there's actually a wiki dedicated to cataloging real people considered 'evil'.

Bonus points for a 300 page long disallowed topics list, consisting of basically every controversial YouTuber and internet figure in history:

Just a Wario Fan
Just a Wario Fan
Coincidentally, I have only known of this wiki for a few weeks before you mentioned it here, and I must say that it is a very decently, well-written wiki with lots of information. Though I wouldn't call it 'fandom' haha. Guess that's just some black comedy joke, much like how most of these villains, especially the dictators, have things like 'torturing', 'murdering', 'oppressing' listed under hobbies in the infobox.

But as good as this wiki is, there is still quite a bit of untrue information, like the statement that Geert Wilders wants to 'rid the Netherlands of muslims and Moroccans', which is simply not true, and there being of course a heavy subjectivity of the writers in many topics, something that is inherent with wikis like these.
Hey everyone hope you are having a beautiful Wario filled day, missing role playing furry fun with my bff5eva @Wariolover69, justice must be done for what has been done to them so if you would use the hashtag #freewariolover69 , going to go wank to Wario now bub-bye VforVictory:
May I be the first to ask: What in the garlic-loving fuck?
I don’t know either. They suddley came in, and boom, chaos. All i did was to do what the blog said, and they hated it and...did whatever the hell they just did.
Just a Wario Fan
Just a Wario Fan
I was wondering the same thing. Seems like Wariolover69 has found his equal. But if we should feel happy for that, I don't know...
Yeah, but still..
hello fellow wario lover.
How are you doing?
I noticed you left a distasteful response to my roleplay scenario - where I poured my soul onto the page expressing my crippling lust for waluigi’s ginormous cock - and was wondering; do you not share the same animalistic desire to get fucked by wario and waluigi at the same time? I have not met a single person who doesn’t want that - and I met barack obama once :)
Hope to hear from you soon!! my number is 0800 1111 if you want to call and talk :) :)

Welp, i made something stupid-

This is a dub me and my bro did ages ago and...well, it is crap. But it's fun crap. Also, the audio is kinda crappy, unless you have good speakers-
I am still working part of the animation for the other collab video, but until i can pay the app i am animating on, i will continiue drawing on other fandoms and such, and also play some TF2 and such.
What's with all this buzz about Wario Land 4 music all of a sudden?
I guess they finally found the last few samples they were missing. Or something.