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    Speaking of which, can I just say that I'm starting to ship Sig and Witch now? Partially it's because of their Crown and Kitty alts. They just look so cute together. I can't believe I haven't even come across any Kitty Witch and Sig pieces yet for that matter.
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    I can dig it, then again I'm a fan of more unexplored, neglected or potential character combinations that we haven't seen yet, in fact I'm more invested in them then I am in most of the ones that we see every game.

    Honestly my biggest wish would be another 15th type of game that relished in many of these kind of combinations, give me Draco/Maguro, Seriri/Ecolo, Sig/Harpy, Lagnus/Lemres and so forth, the more outlandish the better, there is so much new material that you could get out of these types of interactions it's not even funny.
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    I remember coming across a Tumblr post (which I think YOU posted) that claimed that while they ship Sig x Arle, they also ship Sig with other characters, giving him a harem of sorts. The poster had shipped him with Arle, Amitie, Ringo, Raffine and Rider.

    Honestly, thinking about it more, I'm starting to give Sig a harem of his own, with the above mentioned girls, with the addition of Rulue (only goes as far as flirting), Draco, Witch, Harpy, Seriri, and even Succubus.

    I also feel that another Puyo game in the vein of 15th Anniversary would REALLY serve many a character interaction VERY well. Despite the abundance of characters 20th Anniversary had, I feel like it was somewhat wasted for some reason.

    I mean, the interactions you posted above would be nothing short of interaction gold, plus the likes of:
    Draco/Oshare Bones
    Kikimora/Ms. Accord
    Ecolo/Doppelganger Arle
    Sig/Honey Bee
    Feli/Zoh Daimaoh
    Panotty/Ocean Prince
    Archan/Prince Salde

    Obviously, there'd be potential for more, but the point is, the possibilities would be virtually endless.
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    It was a confession that I reblogged, because the stance of Arle x Sig being his/her OTP, while also still shipping him with a number of other girls is eerily similar to my stance, in my case the ''alternatives'' would be Doppel, Draco, Rafisol and Raffine, though I'm very ''flexible'' as far as Sig ships are concerned, so you could get me to like almost any pairing.

    And yeah, if we take the whole cast in account you get even more possibilities, but even just with the expected selection for the next game there's plenty to work with.
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    Oh, I see. So the initial post wasn't from you. Well, I'm not all THAT surprised. I mean, there ARE other people out there who seem to support the idea of Arle x Sig. Also, considering how you're such a big Sig fan, I can understand the whole thing about you being able to ship him with more than what would be expected.

    Exactly. Speaking of (what could be considered as) the current primary cast, it would appear (as we both seem to agree) that Chronicles SEEMS to be rectifying the character interaction issue that has been plaguing the series for a while now. An example would be Arle and Amitie interacting with the ENTIRE cast of characters introduced to PP7 rather than just Ringo.
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    Yeah and you know me, I'd like to think that Sig is seen by girls to be quite the stud and he doesn't have the faintest friggin' clue about it.

    It's certainly a step in the right direction, but it still has a good amount of downsides, incidentally I think that Sig is someone that still suffers quite badly from said downsides, he get's more meaningful screentime with Arle again, which is something I can personally appreciate, but 85% of his interactions are still with Amitie and nobody else, Arle would get about 10%, while the rest of the cast share the remaining 5%, Klug, Dongurigaero, Ms. Accord and Witch are the only other characters I can remember him ever talking to at all.

    The biggest missed opportunity for me is that he and Rafisol never interact, given that she shares a number of traits with him, such as his perpetually tired looking expression and monotone speech, which are both the result of an unnatural birth, which is something they both have very much in common.

    The reason I find this to be a major missed opportunity is that 15th implied that Sig is actually fairly self conscious about the fact that he is not normal, to a point where he even asks Akuma if he can do something about his red hand, Sig's Secret even builds on that, when a joke by Amitie regarding his whole body becoming like his red hand makes him outright uncomfortable, which goes to show that he may not be quite as nonchalant about his differences from others as he tries to act he is. So needless to say the idea of him meeting someone who shares at least a few of his peculiar traits opens up a lot of potential stories and character moments, which we never get to see since nobody besides the A girls get's to appear in cutscenes alongside Raf when she becomes a part of the group in the postgame, despite everyone still being available in gameplay and thus still being supposedly there. No, I don't get it either.
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    Honestly, this is something I REALLY hope that SEGA makes a canon feature for Sig. Personally, I can imagine the likes of Amitie, Rider, Draco, Witch, Seriri, Harpy, Onionette, Yu, Honey Bee, Chico, Archan, Mandrake, Jan, etc. This being said, I imagine the likes of Ringo, Raffine, Rulue, Feli, Succubus, Scylla, Merrow, would find him to be pretty cute, but they wouldn't be outright in love with him.

    All the same though, almost every female in the series would find him attractive on SOME level.

    Not only Sig, but characters like Rider, Raffine, Suketoudara, Lagnus, etc. have the issue of only talking to one or two people in the whole story. I'd say that Risukuma and Maguro are getting somewhat better in this regard, but it's still a bit of an issue.
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    What's funny is that there even is some canon evidence for Sig being good at getting girls' attention, mainly Rulue's story in 15th, where she thinks to herself that ''He'd be pretty cool in a few years'', makes very suggestive teasing remarks on how she is going to ''tame'' him and even calls him cute in one of her victory quotes and let's be honest, when is Rulue ever like that towards any male that isn't Satan?

    Speaking of Rulue and 15th I gotta say that I really like her scene with Schezo in his story, while she still teases him their interactions are actually very civil and outright friendly, like old acquaintances. It goes to show that for all their bickering, they can get along on occasion...even if they are likely to go back to bickering not much later on.

    True that, but at the very least they are a part of the adventure at all, instead of them just being relegated to minor roles, ala' PPT or PP7.
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    You see? Right there. THAT'S the one piece of canon evidence that makes me believe that Sig having a harem made up of nearly the ENTIRE female Puyo cast could be a reality, and it WOULDN'T be unusual. I mean, this 14(?) year-old teenage boy got freakin' RULUE to notice him AND admire him! Honestly, if Sig could get Rulue of all people to take an interest in him (despite the notable age difference), then I'm willing to believe he could get ANY girl in this series.

    Surprisingly, it's almost like Schezo and Rulue get along better than he would with Arle. Granted, Schezo never tried to steal Rulue's powers, and Arle was pretty happy to see him in 15th, so....

    Yeah, I'm certainly grateful for that. If I'm being honest, I'm a BIG fan of the cast of characters introduced to PP7. So to see the likes of Risukuma and Maguro interacting with more than just the 'A' Trio (and even then, moreso Ringo than Arle and Amitie) truly brings a smile to my face.
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    I really does just make more sense the more I think about it, especially when adding Sig's 20th story into the mix, where we find out that Amitie and Feli find his red arm fashionable, while Raffine even straight up calls it marvelous or how about Fever 2 where Oniko falls in love with Sig because of his hair antenna.

    Appearently being a part demon also makes you one hell of a stud. Hey, it's gotta have some perks too.

    To be completely fair, the source of Rulue's and Schezo's more antagonistic moments are the result of their opposing opinions on Satan, rather then anything personal, so them getting along better when he isn't a factor makes sense.
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    Also, Ringo (I forgot whether it was in PP7 or 20th that she said this, or it could have been both...) mentions offhandedly that Sig smells like bugs, but she adds that it seems to be a fairly pleasant smell to her. Speaking of Oniko, I'm pretty sure I don't really need to go into Sig's meetings with Arle and Rider in Fever 2, now do I? Honestly, at this point I'm expecting Sig to have some sort of interaction with Draco and Witch that involves them being attracted to some unique part of his body, or just overall considering him to be some sort of stud. I can't read Japanese, so I can't tell if Witch had admired anything about Sig in 20th Anniversary.

    I almost feel like Satan and Incubus (and Succubus to a gender-related extent) could all attest to this. Well, Satan and Incubus would...if they had more luck with the ladies.

    Actually, you bring up a good point there. Rulue and Schezo aren't what I'd call the best of friends, but as long as Satan's name doesn't come up in the conversation, they're surprisingly civil with each other. When it comes to Arle and Schezo, I can't blame her for being a bit miffed at his kidnapping her, but I can say that she seems less antagonistic towards him in the SEGA-era than the Compile-era.
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    I couldn't tell you, I'm waiting for the 20th english subs project to start and make things more clear there.

    All things considered it does seem intentional to give Sig a lot of these kind of moments, especially when friggin' Rulue is a part of the whole thing. An interesting bit for Sig to have something like that as somewhat of a recurring element, small as it may be, I wonder what the thought process behind it was, especially with how early it started (Sig first meets the Onion couple before his first match in his Fever 2 WakuWaku course), maybe SEGA was just ahead of the curve and realized that Sig goes well with everyone


    To be fair, Satan did try to do something about that back in SUN....it ended with him getting the snot beaten out of him by Arle and later Schezo, but A for effort.
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    That lucky little son of a gun....

    OK, I know I've said it before, but I have to say it again...SEGA totally needs to make this a more prevalent trait for Sig. Obviously, don't make it his ENTIRE schtick, but at the very least, have some of the female cast have some secret thing for him.

    Speaking of which, I'm a little surprised you didn't add pics of Sig x Arle, Crown Sig and Crown Witch, and that one of Sig x Rulue.

    BTW, is that supposed to be Rei with Sig, or Yu? And the piece after that one, is that....Medusa from the Madou games??? Man, Sig really DOES gets all the ladies. Cue Satan, Incubus, AND even Ecolo hounding him for answers on his "skills".

    Yeah, I guess I have to give him that. Ahh, back when Satan wasn't stalker-levels of obsessed over Arle and Carbuncle. Honestly, I miss the days of him being a straight-up womanizer. Also, if Compile comics and other official media are anything to go by, he's (more often than not) quite the successful playboy.
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    That's just because of the picture limit (unless it was changed at one point and I simply never got the memo), which is also why the Sig/Doppel pic or any Sig/Amitie stuff aren't on there either, to make more room for less expected choices, speaking of which, here are some I left out due to that:
    View attachment 4372
    Adding Arle, Amitie, Rulue and Doppel to have the complete ''set'' of pairings that I have art available for here.
    It's Yu, though Sig/Rei certainly is a thing as well and the name of the Medusa-like character is Gorgon, who hails from Quest, she shares her name with a Madou character (being based off a mythical creature), but they have nothing in common, I do believe to remember that there was a character that looked more like her at some point in MM, I should look into that again at some point.

    Not just other media, but Madou Monogatari Hanamaru Dai Youchienji gave him a fanclub full of Dracos, which went away as quickly as it was introduced. Compile did flirt with the idea of Satan as a playboy here and there, though the games seemed to settle on him just being a wannabe after a certain point and SEGA just ran with it.
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    Ah, I see. Yeah, those limitations can occasionally be a bit of a pain to work around. Also, there's the Sig x Arle, Sig x Witch, and Sig x Rulue pieces I was wondering about.

    By the way, I should note that I actually wanted to list Kikimora as a possible ship for Sig in my earlier posts, but I wasn't too sure about it at first. As far as I can tell, I always figured Kikimora was older than Rulue at most. I know Rulue CANONICALLY flirted with the kid in 15th Anniversary, but I imagine Kikimora to be more..."conservative" in that regard to things like that.

    Oh, OK. Thanks for clearing up the confusion there. I should mention that the reason I asked is because that piece of art depicts the ghost with blinding bangs.....just like Rei. Although, I am aware of how Sig is shipped with male characters as well. As far as I know, it's nowhere NEAR Schezo's amount, but it's certainly there.

    Also, that's Gorgon from Quest? Huh, could have fooled me. So basically, Gorgon doesn't necessarily share the situation Succubus and Lamia are in where it's STRONGLY implied (especially in Succubus' case) that they're the same person as the Madou-era character, huh?

    Not only that, but an official character relationship chart from Compile seems to state that Draco herself has a thing for Satan that supposedly lasted all the way into SUN, and she possibly got over her crush on him come the events of Yo~n. Still though, I almost kind of wish Draoc's crush on him was explored more, but I guess it would sort of end up being a pseudo-rehash of Rulue's thing for him.

    Personally, I don't mind Satan being a wannabe playboy, especially if it'll tone down his whole obsession over Arle and Carbuncle. It would also help to not make him one-dimensional.
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    Kikimora is someone that I find very hard to place in terms of age, her voices have usually sounded rather young (where as someone like Rulue sounds distinctively mature) and I do feel like the maid motif might make seem older then what she may be intented to be, but without any real hints it's hard to say. Doesn't help that the games can't make up their mind on how tall they want her to be, in games like SUN or YON she's as tall as Arle, while others like Quest make her quite short, a bit shorter then Sig, Amitie and the likes, which makes things even more confusing, since physical appearences are often the only hint we have, in terms of trying to work out the ages of characters.

    Basically, but the fact that SEGA made a character on their own based on this mythical creature, may be an homage to MM having had it's own Gorgon, at least I'd like to think of it as an homage.

    I do know which one you are talking about and you never know, maybe they will bring Draco's Satan fanboyism back at one point, it's not like the two have had ever much interaction to begin with, so it could be the start of something fresh.

    I like the idea just for the fact that it allows for more wacky plots then Satan only ever following his one track obsession with one girl, plus it might cause him to butt heads with other characters more often and I do love me some Schezo vs Satan, that's a dynamic that's still rather amusing to me, even after so many games.
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    Honestly, Kikimora is someone that is just so....difficult to pinpoint in terms of age. Personally, I'm starting to think it's on purpose that Kiki's age is so difficult to pinpoint. Think about it, Compile lists the ages and birthdays of almost EVERY character they created in Puyo Puyo, yet Kikimora (as far as I can remember) does NOT have an age listed. Maybe it's a reference to how she's based on a mythical creature? I don't know.

    Heck, this isn't even going into the ages of the Fever-era cast and PP7's characters (bar Ecolo). As for them, I always fighured the following

    Rider and Feli - 13
    Amitie, Sig, Tarutaru - 14
    Raffine and Klug - 15
    Lemres - 17
    Ms. Accord - late 30's
    Ringo and Maguro - 15
    Risukuma - 17

    BTW, speaking of Kikimora, I found THIS on your Tumblr, and I just want to say I am SO glad that there's other out there who appreciate this ship. Seriously, I wish there was more art of these two together.

    Yeah, it being a homage makes sense. Also, this Gorgon didn't get a profile in the 25th Anniversary book, right?

    BTW, I think I read that chart a bit wrong. It seems she DID continue her crush on him in Yo~n. As a matter of fact, it looks like Compile would have had Draco keep her thing for him as long as they were heading the series, but once SEGA took full control of the series in 2001, Draco's crush on Satan (and interactions with him by extension) had but been a thing of the past, either implying that Draco got over him by Minna(?) or SEGA just didn't bother to expand on the idea.

    Exactly. Normally, I'd say that if Satan wasn't going to be THAT kind of character anymore, I'd fully give the role to Incubus, but since SEGA hasn't brought him back for a console Puyo game since 2001...
  18. warelander

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    While we do know a number of Compile chara's ages I doubt it was anything intentional for Kikimora to be so ambigious, especially with how many games they were pumping out at the time I always just figured that they simply didn't want to bother with the smaller details in regards to later characters. SEGA on the other hand simply didn't bother from the start, though I always figured that Amitie, Sig, Klug and Raffine are all 16, judging from their physical appearences, when comparing them to the confirmed 16 year old Arle.

    Heh yeah, I figured since I introduced a Puyo Ships tag on my blog just for the heck of it, I really should have something of one of my biggest OTPs on there.

    Speaking of which, I was looking around for Puyo art for the first time in a while and just guess what I came across without even trying to find something like it :
    Accidental finds are the best ones.

    Nope, which makes Quest Lamia and Succubus stand out even more.

    Compile has a history of giving the characters traits that sometimes only last one game, like how Schezo wanted to take over Puyo Hell in the forst arcade game or Seriri making a very out of character hostile appearence in Madou Monogatari Final Test, by comparison Draco's Satan fanboyism at least doesn't clash with her character as much as these cases do, which is why I could see it come back at one point.
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    Yeah, that makes sense. Still though, considering the circumstances I'd like to see SEGA (in the event that they actually BRING BACK Kikimora to the console games) make a running gag out of how she has no listed age, leading the entire cast to believe she's anywhere from her early teens to late adult years. Much to her chagrin, obviously. Also, whenever someone would ask her about her age, she would either avoid the subject altogether, or beat down on them with her broom if they were to pester her about it.

    Also, on the subject of Puyo Puyo's SEGA-era characters and their ages (Primp AND Suzuran), I just felt like it would be more unique to have everyone have varying ages, similar to what Compile did with their Puyo characters. Funny thing, I noticed that the 'A', 'R', and 'S' Trios all have an neat little pattern that I unconsciously created due to my headcanon for the cast's ages of SEGA heading the series. Basically, (from oldest to youngest) The Madou-era character ended up being the oldest, the PP7 character ends up in the middle, and the Fever-era character is always the youngest. Crazy, right?

    Here's a visual:
    Arle (16) -> Ringo (15) -> Amitie (14)
    Rulue (18) -> Risukuma (17) -> Raffine (15)
    Schezo (180) -> Maguro (15) -> Sig (14)

    Well, like I said. I'd give ANYTHING to see more Lagnus x Kikimora art. They're one of my OTPs as well, so you know.

    Aren't they always? BTW, cute Arle x Sig there.

    Just as I figured. Speaking of which, have you seen the recent chapters of J.P.'s Madou fanfic? Man, is THAT taking a darker turn than ever before...

    Well, you do have a point there. I mean, Suketoudara, Lagnus, and Kikimora were all unusually hostile to Arle in SUN. So it's not unfounded for something like this to occur.

    I won't lie though, while I can picture Schezo still wanting Arle's (and many other people's) powers all for the sake of overthrowing Satan for his throne, and even Draco fan-girling over Satan (which is something I hope SEGA brings back one day), I can't instantly believe that SERIRI of all people was hostile to Arle in ANY game. Merrow, I can see it happening any day of the week, but SERIRI? You''re pulling my leg here, aren't you?

    BTW, two things:

    1. One of the original inventors of Puyo Puyo and Madou Monogatari, Masamitsu 'MOO' Niitani has officially kicked off his crowdfunding campaign for his new spiritual successor to Puyo Puyo. The devs are trying to bring in $90k to make the game a reality on Switch, and are aiming to release it Oct. 2018.

    Here's the link: https://nintendonewsblogger.tumblr....ki-nyoki-tabidachi-hen-crowdfunding-kicks-off

    Poor guy. I'm honestly shocked SEGA hasn't hired him to help out on heading the series after all this time.

    2. I'll be honest, this next question is...a bit out of left-field for me to ask, but it's been on my mind for a little while. Basically, what kind of love interest do you think Risukuma would have? I have an idea of my own, but I'd like to hear your thoughts.
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    Fair enough, I personally just like to go with the most simple options, since age doesn't really affect much in the Puyoverse much of the time, I mean 13 year old Witch can live on her own and run a shop, while Schezo despite being almost 200 years old, is still very immature from the way he acts, in a way that makes it easy to believe that he'd be just someone in his early 20s, instead of someone with almost two centuries worth of experiences. Apeaking of Schezo, that's not even going into the many questions that come up, when keeping his actual age in mind.

    I reblogged the link on my blog, but haven't gotten around to read it yet.
    Nope, she's a mook in that game, unlike other MM appearences where she's a passive NPC, which makes me think that someone on the development stuff goofed up and confused her with Merrow, since that was the time when Seriri started to appear in MM, while Merrow was already getting phased out of the franchise at large, only showing up again for BOX.

    1) Ah yeah, I saw that one on Twitter somewhere.

    2) The only one that would really fit personality wise is Ally, giving the love theme and all, but then again I haven't really thought of Risukuma in that situation before...certain jokes that used to be made about him a lot discouraged me from that, which makes me happy that the PPT localization worked around that in a way that doesn't directly make people think pedobear whenever he as much as opens his mouth. I like Risu and never looked at him that way, but yah know, some things in the japanese original really make you wonder what SEGA was thinking.
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