๖ۣۜHex Scout

Your friendly neighborhood Hex, being friendly as ever. Why? I dunno. I just play games and draw some stuff from time to time. Though I'm wondering why you're reading this?

Playing games since I was born. (literally) Grew up playing all types of games on all types of systems. I own a lot of system but nowadays I'm usually on Steam. Y'all can add me on any system if you want, I'm really bored.

I've been drawing since 2nd grade. (and before you ask, no, no one taught me how to draw) I rarely ever take any request. Really slow at trying to finish a drawing and I don't like being rushed. (I usually have no motivation to finish them)

I try to be as friendly as I can towards everyone. Most of the time I got nothing to do and no one to speak to. Love to chat, really bad at starting a chat.
November 5
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