WaryLand for SMBX 1.4.4.

WaryLand for SMBX 1.4.4. 3.5

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  • Redesigned levels to make them bearable
  • Updated animation sheets
  • Modifyed levels to a bearable design
  • Added more music from forgotten games
  • Changed bosses arena stages to make them more viable
  • Overhauled powerup designs for the playable characters
  • Even more minor tweaks for the graphics
  • Re-edited more levels
  • Added more custom SFX to give each episode its unique flavor
  • Fixed some sprites sheets
  • Redesigned many NPC's
  • Patched a few exploits
  • Redesigned a few levels.
  • Redesigned a few sheets.
  • Added new NPC designs.
  • Ported more backgrounds.
  • Fixed event triggers
  • Customized graphics for certain npc's
  • Added a new episode
  • Fixed some of the players' sheets
  • Minor tweaks to the levels
  • Graphical changes for some of the episodes
The first two episodes had to be revamped due to the game's engine glitches, specially on the maps.