1. Wario Party 4

    Wario Party 4

    Mario and Wario deflate the thwomp
  2. The Handwoven Box

    Is Waluigi's theme in Wario World?

    After remembering this site, being shocked that it was still up and then logging in with my fossil account, I needed to share my thoughts. Is Greenhorn Ruins to Waluigi as Greenhorn Forest is to Wario? Everyone considers GH Forest to be Wario's theme, but I couldn't help but notice that GH...
  3. Waluigi's Portable Taco Stand

    Waluigi's Portable Taco Stand

    Wario wasn't always the well-to-do treasure hunter we know and love. He didn't always own a game company or even any franchises. At one point Wario was just a treasure collecting university graduate looking for his place in the world. Waluigi paid the bills back then. This is how.
  4. Nintendo Pizza Line-up (Wario Bros Close-up)

    Nintendo Pizza Line-up (Wario Bros Close-up)

    Launching in Germany 2023 Good to see both the Wario bros getting some love
  5. Nintendo Pizza Line-up

    Nintendo Pizza Line-up

    Launching in Germany 2023
  6. dalegendaryturtl

    How would Waluigi work in a platformer?

    Hey yall. Considering that all of the bros been in a platformer game, it seems only right Waluigi was in a platformer, preferably as player 2 in a Wario Land game. We can dream, right? But how would he play? Looking at how Luigi works to Mario, let's use this for Waluigi's design. Luigi trades...
  7. Robin

    Possible Wario Origin story?

    Ok, so I'm not sure if this was already mentioned or thought about, but there's a theory going around about E. Gadd. The theory talks about how E. Gadd created Gooigi. I have the video here: It's not a headcanon per se, it's more speculation, but it made me think. Basically he was trying to...
  8. X

    If you could parody any famous western cartoon meme(s) with Wario and/or Waluigi, which one(s) would you choose?

    For me, the most likely contenders would be these five, in no particular order: Duck Season from Looney Tunes: Mario and Wario argue with each other over whether it's "Italian Season" or "American Season" for Bowser (ripping labeled-as-such sheets of paper from a ridiculously thick stack that...
  9. Yikes Spike

    WaryLand for SMBX 1.4.4. 1.4.5

    Episodes including Super Mario Land and Wario Land inspired designs available for SMBX. All you have to do is: Unzip the files, click on the SMBX logo (which is an 1up) Single or co-op, choose your character and look on its list: WaryLand.
  10. Commendedzuez09

    How do you feel about Dark Wario in Mario Tennis Aces?

    In Mario Tennis Aces story mode, we are getting Dark Luigi, Dark Wario, and Dark Waluigi. I hope they do wacky cut scenes with Wario and Waluigi like they used to do.
  11. Egg Salad!

    Waluigi and Jimmy

    You've probably heard this question before, "Why are Jimmy and Waluigi so similar? Are they the same person?" But today, we're REALLY gonna dive deep into this question and see how similar Waluigi and Jimmy really are BASIC SIMILARITIES: There are quite a few, but here are the most notable...
  12. A

    Wario x Waluigi Game

    So I created this silly little game where you play as Wario and Waluigi and you try to kiss each other without the police seeing you. http://gamejolt.com/games/warioxwaluigi/270010 I hope you all enjoy it.
  13. Robin

    Small detail in Mario Party 5

    "In Mario Party 5, there are barely readable labels under the game pieces during the character selection for the Card Party bonus game. However, looking very closely, you can see that the Wario and Waluigi pieces have been swapped." - Source Kinda interesting! I think the labels are actually...
  14. Yikes Spike

    Other Wario & Waluigi for SMB X 1.3 2.4

    (UPDATE 1.4.4) http://www.mediafire.com/file/35ngvxu54rxg1yu/Wario+%26+Waluigi+1.4.RAR Wario, Waluigi and someone else for SMB X Version 1.3, for more information: Super Mario Brox X (1.4)