donkey kong

  1. Royal Raceway Rumble

    Royal Raceway Rumble

    Mario cheating again (he has infinite lightening bolts)
  2. Engine Party

    Engine Party

    Everyone VS Luigi
  3. Cake Party

    Cake Party

    Cake Party? Birthday Party?
  4. Beach Party

    Beach Party

    Wario does what he does best, let others do his dirty work
  5. Jungle Party

    Jungle Party

    Jungle scene from Mario Party 64 Wario has been cheated by Mario
  6. N64 Controllers Take Flight

    N64 Controllers Take Flight

    Some of the N64 gang flying controllers from what is believed to be a rare official render. They might have left out Luigi but they didn't do Wario dirty.
  7. MonaMonaPizza

    New RP Start

    I walked down the street, holding some freshly paid for bananas. Suddenly, a great, huge ape appears out of nowhere and steals my bananas. I turn, to see with my own two eyes, that the ape was the one and only Donkey Kong! I gasped, "Donkey Kong!? You took my bananas!" I swiftly chase after him.
  8. Koopaul

    [Poll] Who is stronger? Wario or Donkey Kong

    The thread! It seems these two are the burliest protagonists to cross paths. If they were to have a contest of strength, who would win?