New RP Start


Pizzeria Owner
I walked down the street, holding some freshly paid for bananas.
Suddenly, a great, huge ape appears out of nowhere and steals my bananas.
I turn, to see with my own two eyes, that the ape was the one and only Donkey Kong!

I gasped, "Donkey Kong!? You took my bananas!" I swiftly chase after him.
The car hit me so hard, that I got flung away and when I landed, it was in a pool...but not in any kind of was a pool, filled with butterscotch pudding! A dark figure then came in and seemed angry about me being in their butterscotch pudding pool...and it was...
He then preceded to shoot my foot and I immediately fainted...when I woke up, I realized something...I was in a large grill! I looked at the side and there was Garfield and beside him was Odie. Garfield, with a big smirk, said " Odie, we will have a BBQ tonight! "

Odie happily barked at that response. It was over...i angered the cat by landing in his precious lasagna pool and now, he will cook me alive...but then...i saw another dark figure coming stared angrily at Garfield and it was..
Garfield, Odie, and Jon then had a gunfight, as Jon yelled at Garfield for attempted murder. The fight got so huge, that they got tanks, miniguns, sniper rifles, etc. It was just a huge war at this point!

While they were re-enacting world war 3, I tried getting out of the grill, someone came in and helped was Waluigi!

" Wahh, we better get out of here, before these three nutcases will find out that you got free! " He said and got me out of there safely. A few minutes later, we were walking through the city, as I asked " But...why did you decide to save me? "
Just then, the security system takes control of Jon's house and begins attacking the city, leaving the mayor to give Jon community service for the damage he caused, even though Garfield and Odie were in his house the whole time and were responsible for everything!