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  1. Frediculous

    Woohoo! I'm finally aboard!

    Hello, fellow moneygrubbers! Forgive me if this intro is kind of meh (because I'm half asleep typing this). I'm a HUGE fan of Wario, and have been following the forums for quite some time! I recently ran into ShyGuyXXL on a Vinesauce stream, which convinced me to finally make the move and join...
  2. Boris Carloft's Car Loft

    Was Virtual Boy Wario Land the most inspirational of all the Wario Lands?

    After playing through VB Wario Land for the first time, I've noticed that the other games seem to take heavy inspiration from VB. Most notably is the key, which returned in WL4 in the form of Keyzer. There are other things too, like the fish that pop out of the holes in stage 3, many of the...
  3. Boris Carloft's Car Loft

    Wario headcanons?

    In WL4, I always interpreted the end credits music as Wario reminiscing on all his adventures, or the "time he had forgot." Plus you can see his memories projected onto the background! i look into things too much hue Any other Wario related headcanons?
  4. JoeKarta

    Social Thread

    In this thread you can like the General Chat description says: or games you played, or TV shows or etc. etc.... So discuss!