1. Yellow Pyoro

    [Poll] Are you getting WarioWare: Move It?

  2. GunGod64

    [Poll] Does anyone else feel like Wario Land Shake it/ Shake Dimension was underwhelming?

    I always felt that shake it was way too similar to four, which messed up the whole "every game is a bit different from the last" thing the series seemed to be going for. I just feel like the game never took any risks, and as a result, the whole game just felt like watered down four instead of an...
  3. Rei

    Opinions on Wario Land Shake it?

    This is probably the least spoken about for the Wario Land games, either that or Virtual Boy Wario Land. But Personally it's a pretty good game,though it kinda took it's 'Rush to exit the level' Thingy from Wario Land 4. Though the shaking mechanic is cool! The story is interesting,and it's...
  4. Robin

    [Poll] The NX will have game cartridges?

    Ok, it's rumors, but somehow, it makes sense. So there's a rumor going on that the NX is going to be cartridge based, going back to Nintendo's old console system, and leaving beind the DVD/Bluray system. I already sensed this was possibly going to be true, before all rumors started, since...
  5. Robin

    Wario Land VS WarioWare

    I wanted to start a thread where everyone could vote for their favorite and share why! I can't choose I love both equally, but I know a lot of you guys have a preference. Please tell us which is your favorite, why it's your favorite and what was the first game in that series you played...