1. VIrtual Boy Power Sheet

    VIrtual Boy Power Sheet

  2. Invisible Wario

    Invisible Wario

    When hit by a certain potion thrown by Mad Scienstein, he turns completely invisible, even to the player.
  3. King Dragon Wario

    King Dragon Wario

    Wario can fly very far, normally to the end of the screen. Wario is very heavy in this form and it is difficult to get out of quicksand. Gotten from collecting and Eagle Statue and Dragon Crystal.
  4. Sea Dragon Wario

    Sea Dragon Wario

    Upon finding the Dragon Crystal Wario can shoot fire in a sort of cloud right in front of him. Wario is lighter in this form, and can get out of quicksand fairly easily.
  5. Dragon Wario (WL)

    Dragon Wario (WL)

    Dragon Pot transforms Wario into Dra, Wario cannot perform his Body Slam instead shoots continuous bursts of fire from the helmet's nostrils, allowing him to defeat enemies from a distance and quickly break through lots of blocks at once. Fire is replaced w/lasers underwater.
  6. Eagle Wario

    Eagle Wario

    Wario powers-up upon finding the Eagle Statue. Wario can fly a short distance, as well as move faster when barging. Wario is lighter in this form, and can get out of quicksand fairly easily.
  7. Jet Wario

    Jet Wario

    Using the Jet Pot. Jet Wario can get some hang time now and glid. Wario also walks more quickly and jumps higher with this item.
  8. Genius Wario

    Genius Wario

    Dr./Genius/Inventor/Savant Wario has special goggles on that allow him to see invisible doors, blocks, platforms, etc.
  9. The Purple Wind

    The Purple Wind

    Also known as Thief Wario. Primary form in Master of Disguise. Wario gains the ability to dash faster than toad, jump higher than luigi with ease, and can attack creatures life point directly.
  10. Electric Wario

    Electric Wario

    “I really light up a room!” - Electro/Lightning/Shocking/Sparky Wario or as they say in Italy; Wariolightning!
  11. Cosmic Wario

    Cosmic Wario

    This low gravity wario falls slowly and shoots blue balls of plasma that can power switches and shock foes.
  12. Captain Wario

    Captain Wario

    Wario can row through water in an inner tube, breathe underwater, and shoot torpedoes from his Subwarine
  13. Bull Wario (VB)

    Bull Wario (VB)

    simply changes Wario's Barge to resemble a ground pound. However, this is one of the heaviest forms, making it hard to jump out of quicksand. Gotten from a Viking Helmet.
  14. Bull Wario (WL)

    Bull Wario (WL)

    Wario can destroy blocks with just one Body Slam instead of two, and is able to do a ground pound that destroys any enemy or block directly hit and creates a shock wave that stuns any nearby enemy. He is also able to stick to the ceiling with his horns. Gotten from Bull Pot or Garlic Pot
  15. Arty Wario

    Arty Wario

    Arty Wario can make hearts to restore his health, block platforms, and warp pipes. However, Wario cannot move in this form, and all of his botched creations turn into walking poop with eyes.
  16. Vampire Wario

    Vampire Wario

    It is unknown if his years of constant garlic consumption either cancels out the weakness of a vampire against garlic, or if he is in constant pain.
  17. Commando Ninja Wario

    Commando Ninja Wario

    Upon dawning the ancient relic brought up to standard safety code by Egadd, The Bouncing Buskins, Wario becomes Sgt. Wariochi. Magnetic pulses cause the wearer to constantly hop. The rugged materials are near invulerable even to lava. Helmet added for safety!
  18. Samurai Shirpa Wario

    Samurai Shirpa Wario

    Upon dawning the ancient relic padded by Egadd, The Markhor Mukluks, Wario becomes Wakata Capario. Wario can now run through deep snow. Ancient G.O.A.T (Goat Observing then Applying Technique) tech allows the wearer to walk and jump on the steepest surfaces. Bushido: Don'yoku wa (r) yoi
  19. Dashing Duke Wario

    Dashing Duke Wario

  20. Gumshoe Wario

    Gumshoe Wario

    Upon dawning the ancient relic stylized by Egadd, The Anti-gravity Gumshoes, Wario becomes Detective Warlock D. What do they do? Only a true detective knows... No really... Egad doesn't even know how this ancient technology works. He does know that a houndstooth hat with flannel does work however.