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Hi, so, uh...I am kinda bored. Since the new Warioware game is coming out the next day ( since it is the 9th of September where I live ), I decided to do this.

In this post, I thought that we could make up a continuing story with Wario and maybe add more and more characters to it and write what is going to happen next. Here are the rules:

- You can comment how many times you want, but please give others a chance. Don't comment hundred times at the same time. If you wanna add what is going to happen in the story and you wanna describe it and all, do it in one comment.
- When someone isn't adding their part of the story, of course, you can continue it with you're part of it!
- NO NSFW OR HEAVY SWEARING! I want this to be for everyone. It can have some mild swearing, but no offensive slurs or heavy swearing.

So, let's go!

' It was a beautiful day. Wario was driving his car, having no worries in the world. When suddenly..."

Ok, now you can continue the story. Have fun! :)
"His car brakes down due to engine failure! Wario, infuriated by this, gets out of his car and opens his trunk to investigate. Only to find..."
Ight, y'all turn.
...tons, and I'm talking TONS, of spaghetti. A small cat was wrapped in the noodles. This was bizarre, Wario thought... He doesn't particularly ENJOY spaghetti, but he did visit a restaurant the other day and spaghetti was one of the main items... Could THIS spaghetti? Be from? That restaurant? There was only one way to find out. Wario pulled out his cellular device and called..."

The restaurant named Gnocchi, and the restaurant owner told him that he snuck the spaghetti into his car for a joke, then Wario said thanks and headed for the hotel and then....

You continue.
Wario decided to get a room at the hotel and call the Warioware Crew, to figure out a plan to defeat that owner for tricking that great and wonderful Wario!

A few hours later, They all were in the room, chatting among each other when Wario silenced all of them and said...

Ok, your turn!
HOLD IT! what are we even doing this for? we have to show that hotel owner what we are made of! wait... i hear him coming...shhh...everyone hide.

Your turn.
So, everyone went hiding. Some hid under the bed, some hid in the closet and Ashley helped those out who couldn't find a good hiding spot, by turning her and them invisible. Then, the door opened. It was two dark figures and it turned out to be...

Mario and Luigi!

Wario and the others quickly got out from hiding and Wario said " Wait...YOU TWO? How did you find us here and why did you come to us?! "

Luigi sighed and explained " We saw you're motorcycle...Anyways, we got here since of a Restaurant owner who tricked us! "

" Wait...really? Care to explain? " Dr. Crygor asked curiously.

Ok, your turn!
Out of nowhere, a strange figure wearing hardcore attire kicks open the door! He seems to be holding a petition sheet of some sort, all the while having a rifle by his side.

download (38).jpg

The Postal Dude:
Hi there, would you like to sign my petition? It's for uh... I don't know, just sign the petition!

Your turn.
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Uhhhhh what will happen if i refuse to sign

Postal dude said 'YOU... BETTER NOT REFUSE... OR... OR ELSE' And his eyes started glowing red and he TRANSFORMED into a... ALIEN!

You continue.

Everyone stared at Wario, as he yelled at the top of his lungs.

" Look, we can't stand here, goofing off while we have this serial pasta stuffer...guy...WHATEVER, we need to come up with something to defeat him! " Wario told the dream team.


" I think I know what to do...Ok, hear me out.." The Postal Dude said, as they formed a circle.

The Postal Dude then throws a stun grenade directly into the circle and dashes straight out of the exit!

download (38).jpg

I feel better already.

Your turn.
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Before the explosion, the boys run and their plan was a success but something goes wrong, a truck directly to a restaurant-casino kidnaps them.
Postal Dude recovers but is actually an operation
[beat of music]
run towards them until you reach the casino.
but ran to the truck
and it leaked from below ...

Your turn
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Not sure about you, but I'm not making a lick of sense out of this. Luckily, I came prepa-

Suddenly, a round being rips a hole in time and space and jumps into our dimension! If I had to guess, I'd propose we're looking at a walking, talking... egg.

download (40).jpg

Flumpty Bumpty:
Hiya, everybody! I'm Flumpty Bumpty!

download (38) (1).jpg

Ah, shit...

Your turn. By the way, do we really need these? Pretty pointless if ya ask me.