Do you think there should be a Wapeach and Wadaisy?


I was never particularly enthused by the idea, but then I saw this pic on Facebook and now I'm thinking it could actually be pretty fun, if they did it right:


What do you all think?
No, I don't think we need more WA’s personally. Wario and Waluigi are just fine as is and even the latter was slightly pushing it a bit, even if I do like him. I would rather see new female characters and/or have underused characters like Mona, Ashley, Goombella, Shokora or Captain Syrup appear than WA versions of already existing characters. If Wario needs a female partner, well…Mona is right there and ripe for the picking.

That said though, I'll be lying if I said I'm not down with those concepts, because those are really creative and fun.
If we get designs like that in the games (which let’s be real, we won't), I’ll probably be accepting of the idea, even though I would prefer new or underused characters instead.
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I mostly agree with TB100. From the very beginning, what does Wapeach even mean? U want a love interest for Wario, u got Mona. U want a more evil and disgusting female Mario Chara and u got Captain Syrup. Now Mona isn't really evil or disgusting and Syrup is more of his rival/villain then a love interest. But there's no need to create a new Chara just to combine these things, just use the Charas u already have.

But if it's about Waluigi I would be down for him to get some kind of female partner. Dislike the idea of coupling him with already existing charas. Plus that guy is starving for some spotlight to give him more characterization. Just don't make it have anything to do with Wario or even Mario.
But I don't necessary think it needs to be another WaChara. From the very beginning, Mario&Peach, Luigi&Daisy, Wario&Mona all of these couples are mostly based on differences. Would be more weird if a couple looks the same.
Haha, I love the Tumblr artists' take on the concept.

It's something I'm kind of torn on, honestly. On one hand, I find the idea hilarious, but on the other I don't think it's needed. I feel like Captain Syrup is the closest character we have to a "Wapeach" and I'm cool with that. It's just up to Nintendo on whether or not they want to make her as important of a character as Peach and Daisy. (I'm kind of hoping that they'll introduce Syrup in something and she'll have a massive boom of reinterest, like what recently happened with Pauline)

As for a girl/female equivalent for Waluigi, well... xD
Thinking more about it, I think the main situation where I'd be cool with the idea of Wapeach and Wadaisy is if it was tied into giving Wario and Waluigi a proper origin. Like maybe you could have the Mario bros travel to an alternate dimension populated by corrupted versions of everyone. Wario and Waluigi would still be the only ones to become full time residents of the regular dimension, but it would be cool to see a universe in which they were the counterpart to Mario and Luigi, and how they would react to the regular Mario and Luigi.

Probably work best in a Mario & Luigi styled RPG.
To be honest, I do concur with the opinion that there shouldn't specifically be a Wapeach nor Wadaisy. We already have enough underused Wario series characters as is; why would we need specifically an inverse Peach that'd also go unused after she's through?
I was never particularly enthused by the idea, but then I saw this pic on Facebook and now I'm thinking it could actually be pretty fun, if they did it right:

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What do you all think?
The difference between those two versions of the idea is letting the Wario team design them and letting the Mario division design them.

I LOVE that Daisy's summer tan translated to a t-shirt sunburn

also, I do enjoy the idea, but like most of us I feel it's best if the Wa thing remains as unique as it is.
The existing Wario women are anti-Peach enough as is just by behaving like human beings. Not to mention Shokora exists.
As much as I like these hypothetical characters ("Princess Plum" looks almost exactly like how I picture Wario's mom), we should stick with the characters that we have now. There's no need to bring any other (female) character into existence just for the sake of "balancing things out a bit", so to speak.
Isn't Daisy already that? I mean she was a damsel in her first game but pretty much every game after has portrayed her as a violent tomboy that doesn't even really want to be a princess. She's even pretty vulgar in a lot of the games, similarly to Wario, and she definitely has an unorthodox look to her with her strange short hair and etc, and the subplot with her and Luigi being together has only been minor subtext hidden in a few games.
I've mellowed out over the years over my dislike of Waluigi but I'm still not a huge fan of the character. I still prefer that Wario have his own identity rather than continue to be this "evil Mario" and so I would prefer straying away from anything like Wapeach and Wadaisy. I mean at that point, will we get Wabowser too? Whatever that would even look like.
If daisy isn't wapeach then my brain headcannons Weach and Waisy to actually be the opposite as most people think. To me Daisy and Peach are wholesome princesses so in my mine Weach and Waisy would be unwholesome scantilly clad queens.
Like this in looks:

But like this in dress:

However if they both must be "like possum women" then I see Wadaisy being a ripped super tall barbarian who looms over wario: basically all of daisies endearing qualities but enflated to the point of rediculousness with some wario thrown in just to keep them guessing because you'd think wadaisy would be based off waluigi but this is WA WORLD. Unmotivated by greed or trying to prove themselves like wario and daisy respectively wadaisy would just be a complete savage who only cares about honor to a barbaric fault. All brawn and absolutely no brain, has a hard time making friends unlike wario and has a hard time leading people unlike daisy. Physically drags people along when she wants attention or help.
Very social but has no idea how to communicate often resorting to violence/physical communication (yandere)

And wapeach as extremely homely, poorly dressed, and a geek (also short); the reverse of how wadaisy would take daisy and wario to the extreme I think wapeach would take waluigi and peach to THE OPPOSITE. Where as Peach is a 'normal' height and waluigi is tall and skinny wapeach would be tiny but mabe be a shortstack. Where as Peach and waluigi both like gardening Wapeach would like bugs. Where Waluigi does mechanics and Peach does art Wapeach enjoys geology, specifically soil composition (she loves mud). Where as Waluigi is always cheating while thinking others are cheating and peach plays fair Wapeach doesn't want to play any games at all and is completely antisocial if it weren't for Wadaisy always dragging her around. Wadaisy doesn't want to be in smash or be an assist trophy. Wadaisy doesn't want credit for their evil schemes. Wadaisy neither matches (like peach) nor dresses sharply (like waluigi) and has mismatched muddy/ripped clothes. Lastly Wapeach has a completely different personality when no one is looking (tsundere)
Wapeach would ride around on Wadaisy's shoulder and keep herself cloaked.

@Arle Nadja I agree on the daisy already being the p flipped to a d but in my mind when I think wapeach or wadaisy I think the female counterparts to wario and waluigi where most people ship marioxpeach and luigixdaisy. You know, some gals just for wario and waluigi that really give the two a run for their money.

I already consider Crygor the WaEgadd, Kamek the WaToadsworth, Boshi the Wayoshi, every enemy in donkey kong konga to be WaDK, BUT WABOWSER? granted bowser does become less and less evil every installment but is Bowser is bad at being evil and always fails at his evil plans I think WaBowser would be a goodguy but just really terrible at being good and end up being a really formidable villian even while actively not trying to be one.

also I know we have Wario but Wamario be like

W: Oh boy, dog round.
WL: Reload.
K: Camp on the stage
S: Knife some too
round ends
W: Easy.

(off topic, ik, but i saw "FETCH ME THEIR SOULS
" and i couldn't help myself)
anyway i don't think there should be wa princesses, and even then, they shouldn't be called wapeach and wadaisy, bc "wario" and "waluigi" come from "mario" and "luigi" and the japanese word for bad, "warui"