How many of the series represented in Smash Bros have you actually tried?


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This is something I made recently and inspired by @607's recent thread (and originally posted on my Twitter account.). How many of the series in Super Smash Bros have you actually tried? I made a checklist of sorts out of the series symbols in Smash Bros with a couple omissions. You guys don't have to make something like this obviously I just made this for myself and then decided to make this thread.

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I'm going to limit it to Stage, Assist Trophy and Fighter represented franchises, for the sake of not bloating my list:

Fighter Franchises

Mario - Huge fan

DK - Also a huge fan

Zelda - I did play a good junk of the games and I enjoy the series, but I don't go back to it as much as others.

Metroid - Yes, but I never really got into the series.

Yoshi - I'm a fan of the good Yoshi games.

Kirby -Played most of the platformers, some of the spin offs and have seen all of the anime.

Star Fox - Played the SNES original, 64, Command and Zero.

Pokemon - Yes, but I dropped out of it, after not enjoying Gen 4 all that much.

F-Zero - Played the SNES original, X and Maximum Velocity and watched some of the anime.

Mother - Huge Fan.

Ice Climber - Played the game and wish I could say I like it.

Game & Watch - Yes, though largely through the Gallery series.

Fire Emblem - Played The Binding Blade, Awakening and Warriors.

Kid Icarus - Played a bit of the NES original, but it's Uprising that I'm into.

Wario - What do you think?

Metal Gear - Played MGS1 and MGS3.

Pikmin - I played all of them, except Hey Pikmin.

Gyromite/Stack-Up - Never played em'.

Sonic - A fan, but I do occasionally fall out of the series, thanks to it's troubled history.

Animal Crossing - Never played one.

Mega Man - Huge fan.

Wii Fit - I did play the first one, because I was curious about the Balance Board.

Punch-Out - I played the NES original and really want to play the Wii game one of these days.

Duck Hunt - Never played it.

Pac-Man - Played the original arcade game, Pac Mania, Pac Attack and the Pac-Man World trilogy.

Xenobalde - XC2 is one of my favorite Nintendo games and I do own XC1, but it's on my backlog.

Street Fighter - Played bits of 2 and 4 here and there.

Final Fantasy - I have 7 on my backlog, never played any of the others.

Bayonetta - Never played any of them.

Splatoon - Have yet to play one of these.

Castlevania - I enjoy the series, still need to play a couple of the Metroidvania ones though.

Persona - I played 5 and the PSP remake of 1.

Assist Trophy Franchises

ARMS - I plan to play it, but haven't as of now.

Art Academy - Never played it.

Bomberman - I played a couple of em' and not just Wario Blast.

Brain Age - Never played it.

Custom Robo - Want to play it, but haven't as of now.

Devil World - Played it, it's okay.

Dillon - Never played it.

Drill Dozer - Never played it.

Excite Series - Played the SNES original and the WiiWare one.

Fatal Frame/Project Zero- Never played them, but have seen a LP of one.

Golden Sun - Huge fan that was deeply disappointed by Isaac's deconfirmation.

Jam With the Band - Never played it.

Joy Mech Fight -Never played it.

Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru - Huge fan that would love a Eshop remake.

Kururin - I played one of the GBA games.

Monster Hunter - Never played it.

Nintendo Badge Arcade - Yup, if only because of the Wario badges.

Nintendo Wars - Only played the first Advance Wars, but liked it quite a bit.

Nintendogs - Not into simulator games, but I watched a friend play it.

Sheriff - Played the WarioWare port of it.

SimCity -Never played any of em'.

Sin and Punishment -Played and enjoyed the N64 game, still need to play the Wii sequel.

Swapnote - Nope.

Starfy - I played two of the GBA games, including the one with Wario.

The Mysterious Murasame Castle - Played it, can't say I enjoyed it.

Virtual Fighter - Dabbled into it.

Stage Franchises

Balloon Fight - Played the NES game and Balloon Kid.

Electroplankton - Never played it.

Find Mii - Played a little of it.

Pilotwings - Played the N64 game.

Tomodachi - Never played it.

Wii Sports -Played the first one.

Wrecking Crew - I'm one of the 5 Wrecking Crew fans out there.


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All of the series listed here that show up in NES Remix I've technically tried.
I've also played DKC, DKCR; most of the Warios; I've played Yoshi's Island DS in the past; Pokemon Pearl, Pokemon Leaf Green (actually made it to the end of than); I love the Pac-Man World series, and have also played most of the arcade ones too; EarthBound & Mother 1 (haven't beaten M3 yet but I own a physical copy of the translation :O); Punch-Out NES and Wii I both love; Sonic 06 & Sonic Unleashed are two of my favorite Sonic games, actually; played both of the Wii Sports games that mattered; Tomodachi Life was okay; I liked Find Mii; I've beaten MMII, 1, MMX and X2 (I refuse to play past X2, and risk disillusioning myself even more); I like Kirby's Epic Yarn in particular, even if it is boring-- to be fair though Superstar is the only non-boring one; I actually own the original F-Zero, which was impressive for a 15yrold, living in 2015, I think;

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I'm gonna steal Warlander's format, if that's okay with you, bud. I do promise everything I say is my own.

Fighter Franchises

Mario - Been a fan since childhood, and still a fan today.

DK - Same as with Mario.

Zelda - I love the world and the characters, but the actual gameplay is one I've never gotten too much into

Metroid - I played the original, Metroid Fusion, and Super Metroid. And a bit of Zero Mission at a Meijer store as a kid, if you wanna count that. It's a series I wanna get into, but never really tried.

Yoshi - I've not played all the Yoshi games, but Yoshi's Island is a masterpiece, Yoshi's Story is alright, and Woolly World is good.

Kirby -Not too much experience with the series, but I enjoyed Kirby's Adventure and Nightmare in Dreamland, and The Amazing Mirror, and dabbled in Kirby Air Ride. I also have Planet Robobot, though I need to pull it out of my backlog for serious.

Star Fox - I played all but Star Fox 2, Command and (because I never bothered to pull it out of my backlog) Guard. I consider myself a fan.

Pokemon - I love most of the mainline games, though I've yet to get to Gen 5, which many say is the best.

F-Zero - Played a little bit of the original, and...that's it, though I wanna play more.

Mother - Loved EarthBound, ripped my hair out on EarthBound Beginnings, and I never played Mother 3.

Ice Climber - Never played it.

Game & Watch - I mostly thank the Game & Watch Gallery series for it, though I also played a bit outside it like some of those keychain Game & Watch things they made.

Fire Emblem - Dabbled into it a bit, though I only really have Awakening and Tokyo Mirage Sessions. Currently playing the latter.

Kid Icarus - Played a bit of the secnd one, can't say I played the first one, but Uprising is a great game largely held back by the controls.

Wario - You know it.

Metal Gear - I was really enjoying MGS1. The only reason I never finished it was because I got worried about the condition of my disc copy after certain voice clips wouldn't play. I need to get some kinda alternative. MGSV is also in my backlog, though I did pull Ground Zeroes out of it for a bit.

Pikmin - Never played any of the Pikmin games. I want to, but as it stand, it's still on my "to do" list.

Gyromite/Stack-Up - Can't day I played these, either.

Sonic - Sort of a fan. Used to be a bigger one, though now Mania and the IDW comics are kinda the last thing keeping me around,

Animal Crossing - I loved the Gamecube game, Wild World and City Folk, but I never played anything beyond that. Been wanting to rectify that.

Mega Man - The Archie comics got me into the series, and I've been a fan ever since.

Wii Fit - Played a bit of the first one at my cousin's, but I have no experience beyond that.

Punch-Out - The closest I've gotten is the microgame in WarioWare, though I always wanted to play the Wii game.

Duck Hunt - Attempted to play it without the light gun at my friend's house. I say "attempted." I also have an NES copy with Super Mario Bros. and World Class Track Meet, though I don't have the light gun.

Pac-Man - The original arcade game is a fun distraction, and I also had the Pac-Man Collection on GBA. Plus, there was also Ms. Pac-Man and Pac-Man World 1.

Xenoblade - Played a bit of XC1, but XC2 fixed my biggest problem with the firsr game, and I beat it and loved it. If you wanna extend it to the larger Xeno series as a whole, I also have a copy of the first Xenosaga, though I don't know if it's my copy, but it won't let me go past the first cutscene.

Street Fighter - Loved the Alpha trilogy and 4, never got around to dabbling in the others.

Final Fantasy - Dabbled into it here and there. VI is my favorite in the series.

Bayonetta - Played both games, loved them, and am awaiting Bayonetta 3.

Splatoon - Played both games. I enjoyed them, though got bored with the main campaign of 2 for being way too similar to the first game.

Castlevania - Never played the games, but I really, really want to.

Persona - Played a bit of 4, and if you wanna extend it to Shin Megami Tensei as a whole, I also played the Devil Survivor duology and, again, Tokyo Mirage Sessions. I'm waiting for a possible Switch port of 5.

Assist Trophy Franchises

ARMS - I rented it and had fun with it, though I don't think it's worth $60.

Art Academy - I haven't played this one.

Bomberman - Wario Blast was my introduction, and I played a few others, though I never seriously dabbled into the series.

Brain Age - Haven't played it, not really interested.

Custom Robo - It's been a curiousity for me, but I never played it.

Devil World - Haven't played this one.

Dillon - Haven't played it, but I've been interested.

Drill Dozer - Played a small bit of it at Walmart when it was new, haven't played it since.

Excite Series - Don't recall having any experience with it.

Fatal Frame/Project Zero- I've not played the series.

Golden Sun - Haven't played it, but I kinda want to.

Jam With the Band - Nope, can't say I played it.

Joy Mech Fight -I haven't played it, either.

Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru - Haven't played this one.

Kururin - I didn't play this one.

Monster Hunter - Played a demo of Monster Hunter 3, and I have Monster Hunter Stories.

Nintendo Badge Arcade - Never played this one.

Nintendo Wars - It looks like my thing, but I haven't played it.

Nintendogs - Played a bit of the first one, haven't gone into it since.

Sheriff - The WarioWare version is my only real experience with it.

SimCity -Haven't played it. Might play the older ones, but I'm avoiding the newer ones like the plague.

Sin and Punishment -I loved both the N64 game and Star Successor. Good duology of games.

Swapnote - Dabbled into it a bit.

Starfy - Never played any of his games, but I want to.

The Mysterious Murasame Castle - Never played the game, thought about it.

Virtua Fighter - I have 5 in my backlog and played a bit of the Genesis version of 2. Also have the Saturn version of 2 in my collection.

Stage Franchises

Balloon Fight - I wanna say I have experience with this, though my memory is shoddy on that one.

Electroplankton - Want to play it, but I don't have a copy.

Find Mii - I enjoyed it while the 3DS was big.

Pilotwings - Only played a small bit of the original, never played the sequels.

Tomodachi - Played a bit of Tomadachi Life.

Wii Sports -First one came with my Wii, so of course I played it. No experience beyond that.

Wrecking Crew - Played a bit of the NES original if memory serves me right.


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Are we going into Spirits as well? Because I've played at least tried one game from every fighter. Even R.O.B. And I've played lots of games from the Assist Trophies too. It would be easier to list the Assist trophy series I haven't played.

Virtua Fighter
Color TV-Game 15 (technically this is just Pong and I have played that)
Devil World
Golden Sun
Drill Dozer
Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru
Joy Mech Fight


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I'll just do the fighter franchises.

Mario - Biggest fan ever as a kid, now not so much. Still enjoy the classics though.

DK - My favorite Mario spinoff series aside from Wario.

Zelda - I like the first three best. Played a good number of Zelda games but never got around to beating any except Zelda II. They're fun, but once you get stuck on a spot and decide to drop for a bit, it's hard to pick back up.

Metroid - Played the original on NES as a kid, and a tiny bit of Super Metroid. Wouldn't mind trying some more of the franchise someday.

Yoshi - Haven't played too many Yoshi games. Yoshi's Island was great, but unfortunately I can't give the same level of praise to the other titles I played.

Kirby - It's alright. I got fond memories of Kirby's Adventure on NES as well as Super Star. Screw the Kirby fanbase though; annoying bastards.

Star Fox - Played all of them except for Command and Zero. 2's my favorite of the franchise and has been for a long time.

Pokemon - I'm a gentwoer. I've played all the other gens up to 6 but none really compared to the first two in my mind, remakes aside.

F-Zero - Haven't played any F-Zero titles but I certainly wouldn't mind trying.

Mother - Played and loved all three.

Ice Climber - Not much to say about it. It's okay I guess?

Game & Watch - I was quite the Game and Watch connoisseur when I was younger. When I first unlocked G&W in Melee I instantly knew all the games each of his moves were referencing.

Fire Emblem - Love the early ones. Hate everything from Awakening up with the exception of Echoes.

Kid Icarus - Played some of the first, watched a playthrough of Uprising. It's a nice series with nice humor, and one of the best reboots of a series I've seen.

Wario - Arguably my favorite Nintendo franchise.

Metal Gear - I'm mixed. I want to give it a try but I'm not big on stealth and all the complications and convolutions are a turn-off.

Pikmin - Played 1 and 2 but never beat them, they were okay.

Gyromite/Stack-Up - Haven't played, but I had a friend IRL that had a ROB as well as both of these games.

Sonic - Only like the classics and Adventure 1.

Animal Crossing - Meh. Not a fan.

Mega Man - Love Classic and part of X.

Wii Fit - Miss me with that ultra normie shit.

Punch-Out - Punch-Out on NES was one of my first games ever. Played all the games including the ones in arcade, and I'm hoping to see another come out one of these days.

Duck Hunt - Growing up with an NES, how could I have not played this?

Pac-Man - I've played the original like everyone and their mother, as well as Ms. Pac Man and Jr. Pac Man. Don't really think much of it beyond being a mildly entertaining arcade game.

Xenoblade - Watched a small section of a playthrough of the first game. Not really my thing, I don't care for the FFX aesthetic it's got going.

Street Fighter - It's fun, I play 2 from time to time and wouldn't mind trying out SFV.

Final Fantasy - Love the classic ones, hell I love the entire series up until IX (which was where it was going to end and should've ended. X is garbage.)

Bayonetta - Never played, not interested in playing.

Splatoon - This has to be my least favorite Nintendo franchise of all time. It's so annoying, punkish and new-age.

Castlevania - Played the NES ones as well as SCIV and X on SNES. As with a lot of franchises, I'm really only interested in the older titles.

Persona - Not interested, it's too "new"-looking for my tastes. Though I did play a bit of SMT1 on Super Famicom before.
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Mario - Grew up with it like everyone else and have played almost every sub-series. Paper Mario 64 still my favorite, SMB3 is a close second. Mario Odyssey is a good look for the series, I'm optimistic about it going forward.

Donkey Kong - DKC and DKL trilogy is a masterpiece in every single way. DK64 had lots of style but no substance. Everything after that was an insult to Rare. Retro's games are only slightly less watered down than trite like Jungle Beat so I'm really checked out of DK these days.

Legend of Zelda - A little too JapanMagicCreative for my tastes, I only enjoy the more abstract ones like Zelda 1 & II or Link's Awakening. Majora's Mask is really cool but I don't enjoy playing it. Didn't bother with BotW.

Metroid - Played Super Metroid as a kid, found it boring. I've never played anything else of this series but Prime looks interesting.

Yoshi - SMW2 is one of the most creatively ripe games to ever come out of Miyamoto and his team, excellent. Everything after that sucked. Woolly World is still boring as hell and all the DS stuff is such a joke. Yoshi is just kiddie shit nowadays.

Kirby - Cutesy Japanese shit, I don't really care about it. Boring. I like some of the characters and designs but that odd Sakurai-y style just puts me off.

Star Fox - Very indifferent. I've only played 64 but didn't really click with me. Then it just turned to furry fanfic bullshit and I tuned the series out.

Pokemon - Uninspired and unfun. Crappy designs. Probably the most kiddie series under the Nintendo umbrella.

F-Zero - I'd take Stunt Race FX over this any day.

Mother - Masterpiece. Mother 3 has some flaws but 1 & 2 are still phenomenal if you can put up with the dated RPG gameplay.

Ice Climber - Why the hell does everyone and their mum have a seething hatred for this game? Of all the games to hate on why fucking Ice Climber? For an arcade game from the co-op heyday it is completely passable. Fun premise, great dixieland music and...oh yeah shitty controls. Fuck this game, it killed my mom.

Game & Watch - Like most people I've never played a real model, but the Gallery titles on Game Boy were some of my favorites as a kid. A great technical innovation for its day and a good time waster. Glad it got immortalized in Smash.

Fire Emblem - JapanMagicCreative bullshit. Tried playing one on the Wii back in the day and found it extremely unengaging. All the 3DS shit and annoying Smash characters really put me off too so yeah, no thanks.

Kid Icarus - Still my second favorite NES game, underappreciated as fuck. I am a very rare case of a Kid Icarus fan prior to Brawl and I'm ALSO one of the people that hated the new animu design. Uprising is a very good game and I enjoyed it but it'll never be what I wanted out of a Kid Icarus revival. Rip.

Wario - Best platformer series to ever come out of Nintendo. Wario himself is the best thing R&D1 ever created, fite me. WarioWare on the other hand bores and disappoints me.

Metal Gear - Never played. Give zero shits about schute games.

Pikmin - pIkMiN 4 iS aLmOsT dOnE, thank you Mayanmoto, very cool. My favorite Miyamoto series, also underappreciated as fuck. Pikmin 2 is the best GameCube game.

R.O.B. - Haven't played Stack-Up or Gyromite. Little substance to either I imagine but the history behind the accessory is interesting.

Sonic - Never played. Sonic the Edgitudehog is stupid and you should feel stupid for liking it :jokeydokeys:

Animal Crossing - Fun for what it is, even though the first few games are kinda sloppy. City Folk is legit a steaming pile of shit.

Mega Man - Played 3 for five minutes once. Can't really form a valid opinion on it, but the NES games are extremely well produced.

Wii Fit - Actually a fun casualasfucktho series.

Punch-Out - Favorite series of all time. R&D3 master race, bois. Shoutouts to Teleroboxer.

Duck Hunt - Really good arcade shooter with a fun theme. Leave it to Nintendo to take a done-to-death formula and make memorable characters and settings and shit out of it.

Pac-Man - It's just Pac-Man, the fuck you want me to say about Pac-Man?

Xenoblade - Never played, miss me with that JapanMagicCreative overinflated 200-hour-long open-world strategy galaxy brain bullshit

Street Fighter - Never played. Really need to someday.

Final Fantasy - Never played again. Noticing a pattern?

Bayonetta - Basically I don't play edgy JapanMagic 3rd party shit

Splatoon - Probably the most inspired thing to come out of Nintendo in the past decade. I normally hate punkish normie-edge shit but I'll admit I had a blast with Sploon 1, extremely fun and really nice worldbuilding. Give it a chance @KingDragonWario

Castlevania - The original games have asshole design but I still enjoy it. Simon in Smash is the bee's fockin' knees.

Persona - Flavor of the month shit. Nope.
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It'd be easier to list the ones I haven't played so I'll do that instead:
I haven't played Ice Climbers in any form, and I'm not really interested either to be honest.
I haven't played Fire Emblem Elibe (Marth), Binding Blade (Roy), or Birthright/Conquest (Corrin).
I haven't played either of the NES games that use ROB.
I haven't played Wii Fit.
I haven't played any Metal Gear game.
Funny enough I'm just now getting around to finishing Mother 3 so I can finally check Lucas off my list.


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  • Super Mario - Of course, I'm a big Mario fan and like a lot of people, it was my first step into the world of Nintendo, really can't say much more about Mario honestly that hasn't already been said many times beforehand, most of his games are masterpieces at best and kind of meh at worst.
  • The Legend of Zelda - Yes, Hadn't completed much of the franchise admittedly, but the few Zelda games I did play and/or complete are fun and they really get that explorative side of me going.
  • Donkey Kong - Yes, obivously the arcade games are classic (Though after DK94, I cannot not go back to the original DK) and the Rareware DKC games are of course masterpieces and some of the finest platformers on the SNES, The Retro stuff is also pretty good, Hadn't played much beyond that though.
  • Metroid - Nope, can't say, my only exposure to Metroid was a tiny bit of Super and Prime, probably gonna change that this year though.
  • Yoshi - Yes, most of them and only the first game is truly amazing, with the rest of the series generally falling between pretty good and terribly mediorce.
  • Star Fox - Only played 64 and Zero, have never touched any of the others. (I do plan on checking Assault out though.)
  • Pokemon - Only played FireRed so far.
  • F-Zero - Only the original game....I do plan on playing X one of these days as I do own the game.
  • Kirby - Yes and it's one of my favorite Nintendo IPs.
  • Mother/Earthbound - Only played a bit of Mother 2/Earthbound and that's it...(I do plan on getting around to it and the rest of the series one of these days as I did enjoy the bit that I did played.)
  • Ice Climbers - Nope.
  • Game & Watch - Ehhhhh, I've played the unlockable minigame on WarioWare Gold, does that count?
  • Fire Emblem - Nope and I don't plan on to, just not my cup of tea personally.
  • Kid Icarus - Never played the original game or Myths and Monsters (Maybe I'll get around to them one day), but Uprising is fucking amazing and it's probably one of my favorite 3DS games of all time.
  • Wario - I think the answer to that is pretty obivous. :wariospoton:
  • Metal Gear - Nope, I do own the Twin Snakes remake though, so maybe I'll check it out one of these days.
  • Pikmin - Nope.
  • R.O.B - Nope.
  • Sonic - The answer to that is also pretty obivious (After all, he is my avatar.)
  • Animal Crossing - Ehhh, I played a tiny bit of City Folk back in the day and that's it...
  • Mega Man - I've only played the first 3 games (And I only completed 2, though I was close to completing 1 at one point), fun games and I do own the Legacy Collections on Switch, so I'll definitely go deeper into it.
  • Wii Fit - I played it a long ass time ago...that's it.
  • Duck Hunt - Nope.
  • Xenoblade - Nope.
  • Punch Out - Nope.
  • Pac-Man - I mean...who hasn't played Pac-Man at some point? Can't say much about the franchise as a whole though.
  • Final Fantasy - Nope.
  • Bayonetta - I've played a bit of 1, it was fun as hell, I do plan on completing it and to get to 2 at some point.
  • Castlevania - Not much, only played a bit of III and IV.
  • Street Fighter - Only played a bit of 2, not my cup of tea personally (Never was a fighting games guy).
  • Persona - Looks interesting, but I'll pass.
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