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What's the best Mario Sports Series?

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They had so many fucking characters, so many fucking choices, and yet out of all of them, they chose her!

Thanks @Luigi "Ghostbuster" Rocks for the pic.
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Here's a fun fact for yah (took me a while to notice), the japanese name for Wario Palace in Superstar Baseball is ワリオパラダイスaka Wario Paradaisu and as it turns out the only point on the playing field where the name is spelled out uses that name in romanized form, instead of sticking with the localized Wario Palace name:
wario paradise.PNG

And this has been another episode of warelander's useless trivia. Thank you, I'll be here all week.
I kind of hope they put this series on hiatus for a while since it seems Camelot has just really lost it. I'm not sure if they can ever really pick the pace again or whether another developer will have to take it over.

Yah know, this one shows a fair bit of promise.

Please let this not suck.

I have a lot of questions

like whether or not will toadette be in this and if she will have a new outfit

And if that outfit will cause a particular fellow on the mario wiki to become the toadette equivalent of that "daisy in her sports outfit" person
The little we see here looks very promising and the story mode is definitely intriguing.
But considering the very lackluster input in the past, I'm keeping my expectations fairly low and with a fair bit of skepticism until I see more and the game officially releases.

The tennis outfits look very good though.
Have to say, I'm a tad excited for Mario Tennis Aces. The fact it has a story mode at all is promising, as are the new outfits and improved art direction.

However, it still needs themed courts and mini games to be truly amazing, so here's hoping these are shown off soon.
Now that we have known about the game for a while now, any particular character wishes?

Personally besides the usual Wario character pipedream I'm hoping for Cappy and Pauline, not the most out there choices given Odyssey's success, but hey, I can actually see them getting in.
I wish they would bring back Wario's Courtyard but this time with the bosses from Wario World, they brought back Petey Piranha after all.
Correct me if I have said this already. (I think it might have just been on the DK Vine) The essential Mario characters for any sport or Kart game are as followed...

Donkey Kong
Diddy Kong
Bowser Jr.

After these guys then I don't care who gets in. Dry Doctor Metal Mario for all I care. But these guys HAVE to be in there before anyone else.
Well, I think she makes sense, especially if doubles mode is included. Goes well with Yoshi, just like Daisy goes with Peach and Waluigi goes with Wario.