obligatory "What vidcons are you playing????" thread


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Ive been playing Dark Cloud for ps2. Its been a game Ive been wanting to try for years. I saw it for 3$ at my local game shop (btw someome bought it out just before they shut their doors and reopened it, yay), and picked it up.

The game is super fun. Its a dungeon crawler. The game revolves around going to towns that have been trapped into magic spheres to protect them from destruction, and collecting the town piece by piece and rebuilding them by exploring the dungeons.

I like the idea. Though the game plays in real time, over a turn based system youd see in rouge-like games. The battles can feel clunky at first. It also took me a bit to realize that circle locked onto enemies. But if you stick with it, you get a feel for the battles eventually.

I really enjoy designing the towns however I want, too. And every town has its own theme, your first town is a rural, pioneer town like youd see in tge early american west. The second town is more of a tribal forest town, with homes built in the trees. So it feels fun to finish a town, and seeing what the next one will look like.

The game starts off pretty hard, you really have to learn how to upgrade your weapon to make any progress. Your weapon gains exp and lvls up, and you also collect gems that upgrade it. Once you upgrade your dagger for the first time, youll be able to move down a few floors and find better weapons, which make the game easier.

My biggest complaint about the game is the allies you have. Sometimes the game forces you to play as one of them. And theres one playable character thats very badly designed. His basic attack includes a jump, which causes the attack to take an extra second before actually striking your opponent. Even when you are facing your opponent, he often misses his attack. Hes extremely slow, and dies quickly. I feel like the game comes to a halt when forced to play as him. But outside that the game is fun. I find myself feeling excited about the next time I get a chance to play it :p