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Master of Fire & Ice & Wario Land 3: Master Quest! link to hack: Wario Land 3: The Master Quest
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The link: I have officially abandoned discord, so I have removed the invite link! No new members will be approved!

This is the official discussion and release thread for my hack, Wario Land 3: The Master Quest (Formerly known as Almost Kaizo edition)!

There have been some mixed reviews on the nature of this hack, but just to be clear: The focus of this hack is mainly harder (Or even easier!) levels! Many levels have been modified, and some others are brand new levels! This is akin to The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time: Master Quest (Where the hack is named after): Dungeons have been changed to make the game more challenging! Criticism is welcome, but please, take the intended focus of the hack into consideration when you post your thoughts!

Word of warning: Play this game in English! If you play this in Japanese, it will crash when you go to The Temple after getting the 5th Music Box, and you WILL NOT be able to win the game!

So anyway! Here is the story!

To make it sorta simple:
Wario flies a plane. It catches fire and crashes to the ground. Wario sees a cave. Wario goes into the cave. Wario sees a music box. Wario tries to wind it up. The music box absorbs Wario. Wario wakes up to a face in a temple. The face mentions that the world was made by some guy called Tiger21820. The face tells Wario that Mr. Face was the sage Tiger appointed to protect the world. Tiger was sealed away by some invader, and 5 music boxes are needed to reverse the seal. Mr. Face also mentions something about treasure being free for the taking. Wario agrees to rescue Tiger along with some loot to boot. Wario leaves the temple. The game begins.

About this hack:

The focus of this hack is difficulty and skill! It will test your precision skills, your reaction skills, your patience, and you may even have to abandon Wario logic to get past some areas! You may have to think outside the music box! (Get it? Wario is in a music box)
The game actually has REALLY hard parts, and really easy parts! The parts that are hard ARE HARD!!

The first thing to be aware of are these things:

The skull tile! These are actually the common warp tiles used everywhere in the game, but with a different graphic!
If you touch one, you will return to the title screen! This is the "Highlight" of the hack!

Think you can handle it?

Some tips to reduce the stress:

You can create a "Restore Point" by pausing the game and selecting "Save"! The next time you get sent back to the title screen, you will return to the point where you suspended your game! This can be done as many times as you want, so make sure you do it!

For those with keyboards that have rollover, it is not recommended that you play this with the arrow keys! It will not work! Try using ASDW or use a number pad, or use GameYob, a Nintendo DS Gameboy Color emulator (If you have a NDS homebrew card)

The game can be completed! You can get all 100 treasures and 8 musical coins in all levels without cheats! I suggest that you get all 8 coins BEFORE you get all 100 treasures while you are still able to save!

Changes (Not all of them will be listed, this is to find out for yourself!):

A few key locations are changed
The robo mouse from N2 The Peaceful Village (Not actually used, but updated none the less) and E1 The Stagnant Swamp will return you to the title screen if they get you, so watch out! The bosses from N6 Sea Turtle Rocks and E1 The Stagnant Swamp will also do the same!
Various level oversights present in the regular game (Such as shadows and a few breakable blocks that should not be breakable in the first place) have been fixed!

Notable changes to levels:
Remember how W1 Desert Ruins did not distribute the treasures evenly? Well, that is no longer the case! The green chest and key was moved to the daytime side! You will still need to do the golf mini game if you want all 8 musical coins!

W4 A Town in Chaos's blue chest was moved to the boiler room (with the fans) to accommodate the unused goal door tiles!

E2 The Frigid Sea's blue treasure room was changed to be more puzzle (not really) oriented that involves the snowball mechanic! It is actually simpler!

S6 Above the Clouds is harder! Way harder! Like a "perfect precision enemy jumping where one slip-up awards you with the title screen" kind of harder! Take my word for it! I got sent back to the title screen 60 times doing the blue chest and getting 8 musical coins!

That's it!


Remember to apply the IPS patch to an unmodified ROM!
You can use Lunar IPS to apply the patch! Go to the Lunar Magic Website to download it!
A suitable ROM would be Warioland 3 (J) (M2) [C][!]

I plan to release an updated version every 6 months (2 a year), one in June, and one in December!
I will post releases from time to time instead of limiting them on a 6 month basis! I have no set schedule for releases, you may just have to keep checking this thread from time to time and see what happens! This doesn't mean that each release will come out in less than 6 months though!
There will always be a release on June and December though!

A few screenshots:

I have one question though:
Has anyone figured out where the chest items for each level are stored in the ROM? I want to swap the green treasure for E3 Castle of Illusions with the blue treasure for E6 The East Crater!

AaronDobbe, the creator of the Wario Land 3 Randomizer told me where the treasures are located! Thank you so much!

Current release: December 25, 2023
Release Number: 020

Fun facts!

I counted how many times I was sent back to the title screen on one playthrough, and I was sent back 439 times, with 60 of them being from getting the blue chest and 8 musical coins from S6 Above the Clouds!

This hack was originally a hack just to mess around with things, and was never intended to be released to the public! The oldest known version was in November 29, 2012! That's a long time!

And finally:
The hall of fame!

If you complete the game (Get all 100 treasures, and 8 musical coins in all levels), then your name will be posted here (along with how many times you were sent back to the title screen)! I also recommend that you count how many times you get sent back to the title screen! Those who post how many times will be given a rank! The less times they had will have higher ranks!

You will also be featured in the credits!

In order to earn a spot in the credits and hall of fame (as well as be eligible for the prize), you must show proof of completion (In the form of screenshots) and only those who post it here will be acknowledged! Those who also do a Let's Play/100% Speedrun of this hack need to post a link to the video(s) (Or just post them here!) to be included in the credits!

A good example of a valid recording suitable for qualification would be the playthrough playlist at the bottom of this post![/U][/B][/COLOR]

The credits have a limited number of lines for names, so If someone completes the game and the credits are full, an old name will be replaced by the new name! A single entry will be 2 lines: 1st is the Wario Forum username of the completionist, 2nd is how many times the completionist was sent back to the title screen (If restarts are not counted, this line will say "XXXXRESTARTS!")

Also, you can also ask how you want your name to appear in the credits! The colors are:
(48, 200, 248) light blue
(48, 200, 0) green
(248, 248, 0) yellow
(248, 48, 0) red
(No format) white
Post your name using the color codes above to show how your name should look in-game! The name should be no longer than 13 characters!

Remember! Most names in the credits are temporary spots! The person who is able to beat my record and claim the 20000 coins will be permanently featured in the credits!

Note that this list is no longer being updated!

All new names added to the credits will be applied to the next major release!

Current completionists:

1. Tiger21820 / Sent back to the title screen 169 times★★
2. SMWAgent09AF / Sent back to the title screen 279 times★★

Lowest ever record: 169 restarts (Tiger21820)
Highest ever record: 439 restarts (Tiger21820)
First Non-Tiger21820 completionist: SoapAgent (279 restarts, 09:17:03.100)

Current Runners:

Fastest 100% Completion Time:
1. 09:17:03.100 (SoapAgent)★★
2. 11:44:26.000 (Tiger21820)★★

Fastest Any% Completion Time:
1. 01:39:23.300 (SoapAgent)★★
2. 03:44:27.000 (Driekiann)
3. 11:44:26.000 (Tiger21820)★★

★ means that that name is currently on the in-game Hall of Fame at the end of the credits!
★★ means that the name is permanently on the in-game Hall of Fame!

Please note that from now on, only times from 100% runs will be featured in the credits! If you want your time to be in the credits, you must do a 100% speed run! (All 100 treasures, and 8 musical coins in all levels) Any% runs will still be acknowledged, but are no longer eligible for a position in the in-game hall of fame at the end of the credits, and as such, all Any% Times have been removed from the game!


The first one to complete the game with fewer than 169 restarts will receive 20000 Wario Forums Coins! The contest has been canceled on Wario Forums!

Enjoy! Any thoughts, experiences and/or suggestions are welcome, and I also would love someone to do a let's play of this hack sometime too!

If you need any hints or tips on certain levels, let me know!
But just remember: If there is a potential solution that you don't think will work, then it probably is the solution!

Resource: Wario Land 3: The Master Quest

Note: The old patches can now be found in the resource section!

Please share this with your friends, or some other websites, or just spread it around!

This hack is aimed for more experienced players!
It takes lots of trial and error to get through it, so if skills requiring precision, patience, and reaction are not your virtues, then I do not recommend this hack and would consider playing something else!


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Some screenshots! Go here for comments on these screenshots:


Also, this is a sandbox hack, I made it to mess around with various elements. As such, it will not really be finished (unless I run out of things to modify!) or have a specific theme to it.

Just in: Hack updated! Go to my project page in 'resources' to download it!
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Update 011 is out!

Update 011 fixes an enemy that was placed in the red chest room that was making the puzzle impossible.

Is it all right if I announce updates if no one posted after my most recent post? (Simply put: double, triple, quadruple, etc. posting updates)
Update 012 is out!

Update 012 re-adds the Falling Snow (As seen in one of the screenshots) that mysteriously disappeared from the enemy set for the green and red treasure sections in E7 Forest of Fear to make it harder! :D
You should! I had a lot of fun making it, so I hope you'll have as much fun playing it too! It's full of surprises!
Update 014 is out!

Update 014 adds falling snow to E1 The Stagnant Swamp to make it harder! (But not by much, more of a failed attempt to increase difficulty...)

Just want to say that I just finished playing my hack with all 100 treasures & all 8 musical coins in all levels!

I debugged the heck out of the hack (lol), so when you play it, you should be able to complete it 100% with little to no problems!

But a word of warning: It is VERY difficult! You may want to take some Aspirin before attempting the harder levels & chests!

This will be the last update for a while, but if you find any problems, glitches, or bugs, let me know and I'll patch them out!

Enjoy, and tell me about your experiences!
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Update 015 is out!
Update 015 applies the layout for the green treasure room in W2 The Volcano Base that only changed when the blue puzzle opens! (Layout appears in all parts rather than only 4 now (Level IDs: 38-3F)
Just a minor fix!
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Update 016 is out!

Update 016 fixes the infamous bug where the ladder warp inside the big tree in N1 Out of the Woods & the vine warp leading to the red key room in W3 The Pool of Rain would not work while emulating the game!
Now the warps work perfectly! No more save and continuing! (Even harder to do while in Time Attack mode where saving is permanently disabled!)
Uhh... I can not get the patch to work.
I tried to use the program you provided, I tried "Floating IPS", and neither or them worked...

Which version of Wario Land 3 did you use?
I tried the "Wario Land 3 (JU) (M2) [C][!].gbc", and it made the file corrupted.

Can you please try to create a patch with the program Lunar IPS instead?
No, I don't have an account. I might later, but I'll wait until many people here try it.
I want this to start out as a Warioforums exclusive!
Is this okay to bump?

I have a new version of the hack up!

Update 018 is out!

It only fixes a couple level quirks that if caught by them, requires you to restart the level without any cheat codes.

It almost has been a year since I touched this hack, so maybe I will start editing it again!

Remember to apply the ips patch to an unmodified ROM!

And again, if this can't be bumped, I apologize.