Should the Gold designs stay for future games?


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Now as we all know, almost the entire cast got redesigned again in Gold and let's just say, it was a bit divisive.

Now a lot of us have very mixed opinions on it, some such as myself, have grown to like some of these designs, while others are still a bit ehhh towards it.

Now the question is, do you think they should stick to these Gold designs for future games and maybe evolve it or what not?
or should they just go back to the designs from before.


Personally, the designs have been growing on me and I wouldn't mind them staying around. (My personal preferences towards the older style withstanding.) but what does everyone else think?
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No. Gold's art direction can't decide if it wants to be manga-style, classic Warioware-style, or extremely geometric (I mean it -- why are some characters constructed with very basic, jagged forms and shapes while others look like baby-faced chibi characters?) In short, it's pretty awful for an in-house Nintendo game, and especially so for a project headed by Ko Takeuchi, who's typically a much more competent artist. I have to wonder if perhaps there were other artists who had a larger-than-usual role in Gold's visuals, resulting in this mish-mash of styles... I can't imagine Takeuchi just got lazy, especially after the amount of effort put into Game & Wario's art. Nothing about it adds up.

No, we're debating art. There's a difference.
But is it heated debate™?


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I can't imagine Takeuchi just got lazy, especially after the amount of effort put into Game & Wario's art. Nothing about it adds up.
is worth noting he appears to have a much heavier workload on this game (way more character artworks this time around and the animated storyboard they accidentally left in the game's files suggest he drew all the cutscenes).


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But is it heated debate™?
It's time to turn the heat up.

I'll join the opposing side in this debate.

Something that really bothers me is that larger characters like Dribble and 18-Volt now have very simple and almost empty looking designs now.

It looks like overall they wanted to go for a simpler design though in the process the larger and more detailed characters ended up suffering. The smaller characters didn't suffer as much due to their more compact designs.

While I wouldn't say it looks inconsistent, I feel like these characters end up sticking out too much and don't complement their partners like the original designs did.


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Not really into these new designs so nah. The artstyles fine they just need to touch up the characters. Proportions are what bother me. Like Young Crickets hair, Orbulons Uvula Cranium (?), and Dribbles jawline are all to big for my liking. Crygors elongated torso, etc, etc. A few touch ups and i will kinda like it as oppose to just tolerate it.


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Yeah I wonder if the simplified stype of Gold was to just make it easier to have them in cutscenes? Or it's just Ko Takeuchi's new style and the devs gave him complete freedom to design the characters how he likes.


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I like most of the girls designs, but I wouldn't mind the classic style coming back.

9-Volt still kinda weirds me out a bit. As does Dribble and Spitz.


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I prefer the older styles. While I don't care about the side characters so much, I really don't like how Wario was portrayed in the new one. They put too much emphasis on his big mouth rather than his nose, which is supposed to be big.