Super Mario 64 DS - Solo Wario Run

Hey guys, ive been a Wari ofan sicne I was a kid. new here.

Every Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday on my YouTube Channel Take 3 Productions, Live around 11pm EST will be streaming myself doing a SOLO WARIO run of Super Mario 64 DS.

I dont think this has ever been tried on YouTube before. Sans the two Yoshi exclusive stars and the requirements to use Mario to unlock star Doors and Luigi to get into the wario painting, I will be using WARIO. Using the action replay code, I got him at the start.

Hope this is the right place!!! Gonna be hard but fun. Join the live chats if you can!



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Well, good luck with the challenge @ChrisClark8788! Wario seems really under appreciated in Mario 64 DS, so seeing a full run of the game with him as the main character will be interesting (and maybe prove his usefulness a bit).

Shame we can't get all stars with him though. Still, maybe a glitch will be found to fix that at some point? After all, I'm assuming you mean the ice blocks you need to melt, right? If so, then they shouldn't be solid from the 'inside'...

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Sounds cool, i always picked Wario for being my fav character out of the four. As Somecallmejohnny once said, Wario is the Black Brick Bitch.

I hope that playthrough goes well for you man.