[Fan Content] Super Wario Land [Fan-game]

Hey everybody!

This is a thread for a fan-game that I'm currently helping with. Scroll down for more info.

What is this game?
This Wario Land-game is 100% fan-made. Nothing official. It will be free to download. It's not a ROM-hack. No demo yet. Okay? Okay. The game is being made in Multimedia Fusion 2.

Comparing this game to other Wario-games is hard. Imagine this game being like an open world Wario Land-game, along the lines of Super Mario 64... in 2D. Exploration is a huge factor in this game: While exploring, you can find various things. Soundtrack CDs for the sound test, money to buy items in the shop, heart-crystals (which give you extra hearts, kinda like Zelda's heart containers), costumes (more on that later) and various other things!

The health-system is just like the one found in Wario Land 4: You have hearts, and you can fill them by either finding more hearts or collecting these red orbs dropped by enemies. You start out the game with 3 hearts, but you can find heart-crystals to get more hearts.

Costumes can be switched at will. They don't work like transformations at all. Different transformations have different abbilities. I won't list them here right now, but there are a lot.


Is this game done yet? If no, what's the progress?

Short answer: No, the game is not done yet.
There isn't a demo yet either.

That doesn't mean that we don't have anything to show though, we have a working build in our greedy, slimey developer hands RIGHT NOW! The problem? It's not done yet and there are bugs to be fixed. Depressing, we know... *sigh*




WwwWario (Lead Programmer)


gameonion (HUD, Logo-Artist)


BRIE (Main-Spriter)


Alex Naveira / Bauerklos

Level Designers



All development team-members

If you wanna join, we're currently searching for spriters that know how to animate.


Screenshots, Videos, etc.
Short, low quality gameplay by TheDaKoopa 1 2
Check Alex Naveira's channel regularily for soundtrack-uploads.


If there are any questions you want to ask, feel free to do so!
Don't mention a project unless you have enough done that there's a demo.
Hey, are you considering making this open source? I've tried to code a Wario Land engine but I really just can't get the gameplay down with game maker.

The most I can do is add broken shoulder dashing to the Hello Mario engine :shulk: Amazing code like this being public could make the wario fangame scene HUGE, and that sounds like a dream.
Just another Warioland 4 without the extra stuff.
You know, first you complain that I haven't uploaded any demo, when I have uploaded several of them, the latest one being posted a few posts above yours, in fact. But then you also complain that the game is a Wario Land 4 clone by watching 1 short tech demo from 2 years ago.

It would be pretty cool if you, you know, actually played what has been made in these 2 years before judging it. I don't say you cannot judge it at all, but please don't call it out by quoting a video from 2 years ago and use that as a reference to judge the game today. Besides, this game is far from Wario Land 4. The engine is built by me in Clickteam, the gameplay, powerups, objectives, flow etc, are all vastly different from WL4. If anything, it's more similar to WL3.

So I'd love to hear your opinion AFTER playinc what I've worked on for 2 years :)
Tbh 2 years to create a demo isn't exactly much progress. I coded a full 45-minute game at 14 in visual basic within a month and that was during the school year.
I coded a full Wario platformer when I was 12 (in 2010). I also coded 3 more platformers the following years. I wouldn't have any problem developing the rest of this game in a month or two. The reason it has taken 2 years is because I simply haven't had time to work on the game due to very important stuff happening in my life, as well as lack of motivation to work on it due to limited respons on it on my Youtube channel. I haven't spent 2 years on this demo alone :)