[Fan Content] Super Wario Land [Fan-game]

Lol, I thought the "more info" thing was useless, like a detailed description of what virus it was, didn't know it would give me the option to run it anyway, haha. Thanks.
Hey, I'm not sure if this is still being worked on but I would LOVE to help out with the presentation. I'be worked with sound design and I think I could help revamp Wario's Sprite with a more WL4 escue pallete, The SMB3 gray-outlines kinda clash a bit IMO.

So I'm still working on this :) I REALLY hope it will turn out good, and hope it will get known (and not only have like 10 people who have played it, like some of my previous games :\)

Anyway, Level 3 is currently in the making! I call it Icicle Peak. here are a few screens:




Don't know what you guys think, but this is what it looks like :p

Also, thanks a lot for following and supporting this project :) Means a lot!

Just my ideal pallete change for Wario, These are ironically the colors that were initially used for that 16-bit WL3 Sprite before he switched to SMAS colors, I'll gladly work on the other forms/additional frames for you though just because. ;3
Looks very good :) I'll concider using it, but not 100% sure yet, since I'd then have to reanimate all of his animations, and then copy redo that for all frames/levels :\
You could even go ahead and just change the gray outlines you have on him to a solid lack just to fit everything else. Depends on what you feel like though, I don't know how entirely your engine works or if the player sprites are all located in one folder, by the sound of it you have them in each level folder or so. ...Huh.
Here is a NEW version of the game, featuring a beta Title Screen/Menu, a brand new level, and several bug fixes. Hope you'll enjoy and give feedback! :)

https://www.dropbox.com/s/e5oii1vhwv6yupm/Project Wario Land.exe?dl=0

(alternate link, if Dropbox servers are down like usual):
Somehow I imagine you're aware of this, but Wario's hitbox is off. He can bounce from enemies without touching them from the top at all. He hits off ceilings too soon as well. His hitbox crouched when he hits the ceiling is fine though.
And maybe this is just nit-picky, but I don't like how it goes back to the title screen after dying.

Otherwise, it's a lot of fun so far! :)
Edit: Yay, I got all the stars!
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I was initially a bit doubtful of the more Mario-like gameplay but it actually looks pretty good. Sadly won't be able to try for a while since I don't have my own computer atv the moment.