The Kirby Series

The Kirby series is probably one of my favorite Nintendo series. I could be wrong about this, but I don't think Kirby has ever had a game that's been worse than good. Amazing Mirror was probably my favorite. Between the fact that the world is one giant level, and also the sprays, I thought it was the coolest thing ever! Just today, I played some Star Allies with a friend, and I'm absolutely loving it! I also got to play Amazing Mirror multiplayer for the first time, and it was surreal! Wish they had more Kirby games with that sort of multiplayer.


Master of Disguise
I asked a Kirby game for my birthday. d:) I didn't know Amazing Mirror was good, so I asked a different one. I can get that later, then, perhaps. d;)

King Hehehe

Kingpin of Coinage
I pulled out Kirby Super Star Ultra for the first time in a long while and pulled my old Gourmet Race record down from 44.0 to 41.37. I still see places where I can shave time off, so I'm hoping to cut it down to a 40.