The Original Character Thread


Schmotty Schmops
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Been a while since I've posted. Welp here I am with new characters that I'd like to do stuff with.

First off, a rag doll toon named Twine Locks, named for her hair made of twine. She likes exploring, adventuring, doing handyman things, receiving hugs, and having something to munch, especially buttered toast. She can't talk (or can she?), but she has plenty of signs to communicate with, which double as weapons that she hits with. She and her sister were created and raised by a cartoonist and his wife who makes dolls.


Speaking of Twine's sister, here she is. This is Mack Ramie, named after macrame. She rarely smiles, and can be shy, sensitive, and a little bit cranky at times. She's also kinda clumsy and sorta scatterbrained. Like Twine, Mack also communicates and hits with signs, but sometimes she may suddenly talk. Oh, and she can clone herself.

And then here's...

...Twine's talking cat buddy Toasty. My gosh, what do I say about him... still workin' on him... well he likes to tag along with Twine, and he's a squishy boi who squeezes through tight spaces and takes the shape of containers. (ever heard that "cats are liquid"? Yeah, Toasty is "liquid.")

I now have a slice-of-life franchise I'm working on called Whippersnackers. Just some tasty-themed kids, or the "Whippersnackers" livin their lives, "vibing" and doing things kids do. I've made a little video about 'em.