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A few.

This is Glynis. She gets pretty worked up... Not always in the A N G E R Y way, though. And sometimes she's got Cinnamon thinking she's silly or funny.


These two are brothers who are... gods, I guess? The left one, who is older, is Piké (I don't mind if it's typed without the accent, but it's pronounced pee-kay, not like the fish pike). The right one is Meio (pronounced like mayo, like y'know, mayonnaise).


Runs mouth. Fragile. Pretty odd, but means well.
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All the shit about Movie Sonic recently reminded me of a character I came up with back in 2014/5, when I attempted to draw Bart Simpson and fucked it up, but then, failure is the mother of innovation, or something like that.
I've still drawn him on occasion ever since his inception, just because of how fun he is to draw.

Swook du Hedgehook. He has a pot belly, human-like arms and legs, and wears knee-high socks like Mr. Moseby.
I have this set of three scenes that takes up a literal page, but it's on my old computer (and I either deleted it or didn't even post it on tumblr, like a dumbfuck), so it'll have to wait a bit. The drawing that showcases his full design is actually me attempting to recreate the centerpiece of that showcase thing from memory.