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What are the games or videogame series that do not get the love they deserve? This may overlap with the ¨bad games that you love¨ thread, but this is more about games or series that are way underrated and not necessary bad.

Series that feel underrated to me are:

The Donkey Kong Land triology, especially DKL 3.

They are often put away as a simple Gameboy port of the SNES games, but are much different and
have a specific feel that sets them apart from the Country games.

The Game&Watch Gallery series, that has games on all three Game Boy consoles:




You can play both the original games (that are even older than the NES) and modern remakes.


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I find freedom planet to be pretty underrated as a whole.

Imagine if Sonic & Gunstar Heroes came together one night, & made a baby, This is that baby.
Great visuals, a good soundtrack, Sure the writing is a bit hokey, (This is most likely intentional though given that it's supposed to be a throwback to 16/32 bit platformers) But the game is actually really fun & can actually get a bit challenging at times. (Lifes are worthless though due to unlimited continues.) Okay sure, it's not underrated compared to most of the games on here, but as far as indie games go, i don't see really this one come up compared to games like Shovel Knight or Shantae or Mighty no. 9
But seriously if you love Games like Sonic or Gunstar heroes, Check this game out. (It's on steam, Wii U & it's coming to the PS4 soon.)

Fun Fact: Freedom Planet actually started out as a Sonic fangame, but as it went on, it quickly became it's own thing before becoming what it is now. (I actually played some of the early demos before it became it's own thing.)


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MY GOD! Is this game underrated. It's either loved or hated, but mostly goes completely unnoticed. It's a shame we will never see anymore games from this once potential new franchise. I could see so much promise from it but that cursed Nintendo failed to advertise it! They left it in the dust. Forgotten. And I see no hope for it getting Switch version.

Alas. Behold this action packed, over-the-top, silly, badass, ridiculous, game that the world will never know.



May or may not have a secret Mario shrine.

(The Wii Version was kinda "meh" though...)

(Controversial opinions for the win?)

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I dont really feel like The Last Story is an underrated game : p I mean its not as popular as Xenoblade, but people still really like it : p

I often see people add it to their list in favorite Wii games on youtube comments.


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Yeah, but like.... you dont talk to anyone, you almost always keep to yourself : p I mean even here, you post every now and then but you arent really all that active : p


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I've never heard anyone ever talk about the Last Story. It was only by luck that I even learned that it existed.
some youtube comments I found : p

gentiluomo povero1 year ago
A true masterpiece. Great soundtrack. Great history. great gameplay and great dubbing actors. This game deserves more fame for sure. I still hope for a second part for the wiiU.

Marko Stamenkovic1 year ago
I wonder if the Last Story will get a 3DS port like Xenoblade Chronicles is getting....

Micha Queta7 months ago
What a shallow review. This game kicks most PS3/360 RPGs to oblivion and is proportionally a much greater effort on Wii but NOOOO since Wii is underpowered and for casuals we need to s*** all over it RIGHT? F*** IT. Thus game is a masterpiece. If it was on PS2 it wouldve been considered a classic. F*** YOU HIVE MINDED ONES

Daryl2 years ago
a sequel on wii u would be amazing

Brian Maglinger1 year ago
Yeah someone on PSN recommended it and told me to go buy it and I did, yeah it really is one of the best games for the Wii.

R4nd0mP1zzaGuy2 years ago
Finished it over this week, I loved it :)

coldfrost dodde4 months ago
10 outa 10 i played it again and again still have a boner might wanne see a doctor .........after i play it just once more

Cristal Parmigiani7 months ago
best rpg on wii

John Paul Sheridan1 year ago
I lucked out and found this in a bargain bin for €10. I just completed Pandora's Tower Last night. I haven't played this game so looks like this'll be in my Wii U soon enough. Can't wait it looks amazing!!

Sylvester Wallace1 year ago
this game needs a remake and/or a sequel. come on Nintendo

Jay 2Death1 year ago
this is possibly one of my favorite if not my favorite game on Wii. i modded my Wii n were one of the few playing it while we were fighting for it to be released in the states. i love this game. preordered it after the announcement we were actually getting a release in the states. its one of my most coveted games in my collection.

Connor Mcgee1 year ago
This should get a 3ds port! Just like Xenoblade.

1aundulxaldin3 years ago
You know, I initially thought that "The Last Story" was a typical JRPG. But I was HORRIBLY wrong; I was sucked into the story, gameplay, and little nice touches. It's expansive, grabs your attention, and the plot's not hard to follow. So yeah, I'm obviously happy with what the game has offered.

Tatl Tael3 years ago
This game is brillant loved every bit of it, I liked it better than Xenoblade

Hammad Khan3 years ago
The characters of TLS are more unique and lovable than most western games. Each had their own personality and quirks. Have you ever even played the game?

154buddah3 years ago
i actually enjoyed and completed the game. it was a cool experience and along with zelda and the last story the reason to buy a wii

AaronsGame3 years ago
This is one of the best games I have ever played! But why do all the guy characters look like girls at first

(theres many more but I dont want to do this anymore : p)

I know that finding random comments doesnt really prove my point, but these are all from one single video I quickly looked up and picked at random : p
I am 99% sure that if you looked up Arc Rise Fantasia, another Wii JRPG, not only would you find less comments than what I posted here^, but the vast majority of them would be hateful : p