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How strange it may sound, getting a tattoo of Wario/Shantae/Wario and Shantae is actually one of my goals that I want to accomplish within five years from now. But maybe I should do a smaller ¨test¨ one first because despite my skin condition having improved over time, there's still not much place for a tattoo outside of my hips and upper legs, which are areas that other people don't normally get to see. I'm thinking about doing one of the interlocked hearts symbol I once designed, but without colour because I'd like to match it with a Wario tattoo in black & white to mimic the Game Boy graphics style.

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I can appreciate a good tat but i'm not getting one on my skin. Its like a piece of underwear you'll never get to take off.

Therefore no Wario tats from this fell.


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I have a bit of a weird attitude towards tattoos. I kind of dislike this current trend of people treating getting tattoos like the same as changing your hairstyle. I see getting a tattoo as a commitment and so for me a tattoo would have to look good but also be meaningful and far too often I see people who get tattoos that only satisfy one of those two requirements.

Personally, I can't think of anything that would satisfy my own requirements so I don't think I would get one.