BlueJackG's Wario Music

Angler of Lake Asparagus

Washing me feet in a glass of beer
I love this game's soundtrack quite a lot, hope I made it justice!

This is great! I love this one. It was always one of my favourite tracks from the game. It's the first track you hear when you boot up the game, and it really draws you in to Wario's everyday antics. "Wario in Town" is also a great title, since this theme would be perfect for Wario stomping down the street (maybe to the supermarket, or "The Sweet Spot" for more sugary snacks).
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Thank you all!

This one now is not Wario but kinda related, I guess! For those who missed it, here:

Note that this is not the party mix, it's a more remakey version


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Said it before, but sounds pretty good. Very relaxing for sure.

Either way, posted it on the Nintendo Music subreddit here: