Diamond City Town RP


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Hi everyone, and welcome to Diamond City Town RP! For those of you who haven't RPed before, a Town RP is usually a bit laid back and doesn't have too many overarching plots. Rather, the characters interact, built friendships, and create mayhem on their own! Most of your RPing should be through your own characters who just moved to Diamond City, but you can apply to take control of an official Diamond City resident (please ask me). Be careful, if you RP them out of character you may lose the privilege to control them! Here's my character, follow this format.

Name: 25-Volt
Gender: Male
Appearance: An ordinary looking guy with a red jumpsuit, crazy sunglasses, and spiked green hair.
Personality: Friendly but sometimes overbearing. Loves meeting new people and will be the first to jump into action if his friends are in trouble!
Best Stat: Strength
Worst Stat: Luck

Unless anyone else particularly wants him, I'll be controlling Orbulon due to his high potential for god-modding.


Off-key? No, not me
((First official RP post!))

Diamond City Square

25-Volt: *Wanders around in the park* It sure is lonely living in a new place... I hope I can meet some new friends here!


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[hm... making up a character that fits into Diamond City could actually be quite fun. ^^ I'd of course also draw him (or her ;3 ) in the WarioWare style. ^^
I'll get back to you, when I come up with something. :3 ]

Small Baby

Name: Doctoro babie
Gender: tiny
Appearance: strong smart but very vdry young
Personality: skin is made off slime but wheres a stevenscope like a docter does
Best Stat: gloop (charisma)
Worst Stat: stink
Names: Elsa and Regina
Gender: Females
Appearance:(Elsa) Blonde hair with a blue bow and a blue dress with black shoes. (Regina) Blonde hair with two pink hair clips and a pink dress
Personality: Both twins are very hardworking and very nice..... unless you mess with them, then it would be double trouble. They each have equal powers and they can switch whenever Wario forces them to do the job that only the other is good at.
Best Stat: Crystals
Worst Stat: Corners



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Gold Crown
Gold Bracelets
Gold Necklace
Gold Earrings
Name: Blue Stars
Gender: Female
Appearance: Dark blue hair, light blue skin, golden yellow eyes, short height (about 90 cm).
Personality: Hyperactive and energetic, passionate with music and bright colors, gives attention to small details like the color of a flower or the sound of your voice. What you don't really pay attention, she finds fascinating.
Best Stat: Rhythm and reaction
Worst Stat: Patience