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Has "it". Fragile. Pretty odd, but means well.
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I meant to post this here instead of my waarangements thread but I couldn't find this thread again, 'cause I'd forgotten which category it was under. It's an edit of an edit of the Gold artwork for Mona, which I used as the thumbnail for my Wario-fied instrumental of a song by Stamper.
thicc_mona_2-piece_warioware_gold_by_thiccerwaifus-and-us (glasses) big.png

...Aw heck, I'm already here. I got a few more WW-related images, too-- hold on.

This second image is a drawing I made for my headcanon that 5-Volt was the original 9-Volt, so to speak, that 9-Volt's helmet was given to him by his mother, whom unbeknownst to him was the helmet's previous owner (thus creating a family heirloom).

The third is the thumbnail I made for a remix of Zelda 1's "Labyrinth" & Dungeon Dilemma. Making this image was what led me to discovering that you can use the Eraser tool in MS Paint as a "Replace X with Y" tool by using the right-click instead (set foreground to object's current color, background to color you want).
Aaaah It's Stalfaaaa.png