Oh my god, Wario's shoulder bash is now in Super Mario 64 Online!


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Along with voice clips from games like Wario World and Shake It! Honestly, I think he looks and sounds great now, and it makes his appearance in the game feel much closer to the Wario series than it was in Super Mario 64 DS or the likes.

But what do you think? Does this just make you want to use him more in Super Mario 64 Online?
I admitingly would have liked it if it looked more like the charge and less like a sliding punch, but it's still a really neat addition. I plan to play as Wario either way, once I get around to trying 64 Online, though I certainly do think that this adds a lot to the appeal of having him on the roster.
Now that's a Wario right there!
The fact that the person that made this mod has managed to do shit like this
Is really freaking impressive (Hell this very hack in general is massively impressive and it really shows how far we come in terms of emulation and hacking, like seriously Super Mario 64 with online multiplayer! Just think of that for a minute, they managed to add not just multiplayer but online multiplayer to a 20 year old game that wasn't even designed with multiplayer let alone online multiplayer, like that's some impressive stuff right there if I say so myself)
Those voice clips need to be revised. Imagine being a parent in the next room, constantly bombarded with "YEA-HOOOO" or "I'm-a number one!" every time Wario jumps/shoulder charges. I remember getting headaches playing Wario World because I wanted to enjoy the music, but the repetitive voice samples were frying my ears.

Game Design Rule #123: ALWAYS include separate volume meters for music and voice/sound fx in your game. Please, folks.
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Looks like the video is gone now.

But anyway, it's weird that I never thought much about the absence of Wario's signature move in SM64. I guess it's because it's not a Wario game. But then again, it not being a Yoshi game didn't stop Yoshi from having his signature tongue attack. But then again again, it being a Mario game didn't stop Mario and Luigi from not having their signature fireballs. I guess Yoshi is just exceptionally bound to his signature move compared to other Mario characters.