[Fan Content] Share "This song but it sounds like a Wario stage" type remixes here!

This one sounds like a sampled Wario World song plus the bossfight is something you'd see in Mirror Mansion:

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Sounds more like Jungle Hijinx from DKC to me, but given that River City Girls 2 is developed by WayForward, who also made the Shantae franchise whose first game draws a fair share of inspiration from Wario Land, it may not be that unlikely.
Here's BYOB by SOAD in the WMOD soundfont,
I also made Never Gonna Give You Up in the WL4 soundfont.

Yes, I did use the "Daow" for the vocals.

Honestly the rickroll is more of a crappost than an actually good soundfont version of a song, but in that midi I didn't know what each channel did, they weren't labeled like the BYOB one.

Just made Master Of Puppets in the Master Of Disguise soundfont, too, as of this edit, its fresh out of the oven.

Y'all let me know if I should recreate a whole metal album (eg. Korn, Metallica, SOAD) in the WMOD soundfont


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  • Never-Gonna-Wah-You-Up.mp3
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  • Wahtallica-Master-Of-Disguises.mp3
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Here's another I made, I'm done editing it to make it more current, anyway, here's Virtual Insanity in the WL4 soundfount (with WMOD drums because the ones in the WL4 sf2 weren't for every key)


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Alright, another one, Savior by Rise Against, I heard it and thought it'd be awesome in the soundfont.

This time, I used guitars for the vocals too, because it kind of sounds like a boss theme already as is lol


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