So this is Sakurai's excuse for removing Wario's shoulder bash...


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I know it's been discussed in the general topic but this still...

Now, Sakurai: I don't hate you. You've given me Mega Man and Pac-Man after all. But this is perhaps the dumbest decision I have ever heard. And what's worse is I hear some people defending it with "Well, Wario Punches a lot hurr durr"... Should we replace all of Mario's fire moves with punching? He punched a lot in SM64 you know. :U See? It's just stupid. Especially when it's the character's TRADEMARK MOVE.

Don't get me wrong, I am somewhat pissed that Pac-Man doesn't have the Butt Bounce or Rev-Roll, but Wario's is probably the most noticeable because his only representation for his platforming series was removed just because "he didn't think it was interesting".
Taking a closer look it's not too bad of a representation than what I initially thought but it is disappointing that he doesn't play more like he does in his main games. For Pac-man the Pac-man World moves would've been nice to see but they're not very unique or iconic to Pac-man so I think his ingame moveset is satisfactory for the character as a whole.
I talked about this already and I got a lot of hate shoved up the----#$@%----- for saying my opinion. But I love the Fist more than the shoulder bash. To me, Wario was meant to be an evil Mario, so Wario kinda copied Mario's move while giving it a twist. Mario punches, Wario does a backhand punch which is pretty cool.
Sakurai added that if the team were to cling too much to reenacting the original moves, sometimes it wouldn’t be too interesting. He indicates that, ultimately, they prioritize the fun factor over adhering to the original series’ accuracy.
oh yeah, because a punch is much more interesting than the distinctive shoulder bash

The other characters aren't even a strong suit for that; Other returning characters got fucked on what made them interesting, such as switch-out characters like Zelda and Sheik being split up, and Pokemon Trainer being reduced to Charizard.

I know it's not really my business to be bitching about Smash since I don't really care about the games that much, but I hardly think the decisions made with the 4th installment made existing characters 'more interesting' or whatever. The newcomers were much more interesting but the returning ones were scaled down.

anyway, shitty excuse. seeing the shoulder bash as disposable is a laughably stupid stance on things.
i think most people like that change
I'm not most people, Glowsquid. See I'm very important and all so the universe has to adapt to my thoughts and opinions regardless of majority rule. I know what's best for the world and should probably be given all your money.
they wanted to make Wario stronger. Shoulder Ram was a move that made him use his own body which is his hitbox to attack, making him easier to get hit. It had no range, and it was also difficult to push opponents off the cliff with it. Since Smash Attacks, especially the horizontal ones are moves that will decide the game, it was changed to make him stronger.

That actually makes a lot of sense. Wario being easier to use, just not a copy of Mario's move but to make Wario easier to play and less....big. Just throwing out your whole body sounds like a bad idea in a fight, maybe used outside of real fights like Wario land series, but never in combat.

Why do people even care if a large man use's his shoulder to attack or not? sigh People on the internet never ceases to amaze me...
Ash-wee never said she cared about anything. No need to attack the poor girl, she just doesn't care for anything is all. Being mean to her won't solve anything.
It's really just a video game, I suppose you take these kind of things seriously. It's not like this "Wario Land" was left in the dust because of one simple move being cut. Upgrade or downgrade, I really don't care. Just enjoy the game or whatever...

Ashley's right, while I don;t know how you feel it's not a huge problem, they didn't remove it because WL is dying, it's just because they think this new move is better. They think people would like it, I don't know why they didn't just make it more powerful and more...range-y with Super armor, probably too hard to code or something? (I'm not a coding expert, so I dunno.)

Maybe they made Wario weaker because he's too strong? That's like...little mac being good in the air. Too OP. So maybe they gave Wario some lag and stuff so the hit would miss sometimes? Slow like the more powerful characters.
If they were worried about Wario being too strong, they'd have nerfed the power of the Waft first. Killing your average opponent at 40% is a little ridiculous. I doubt many people would complain if they just kept the move from Brawl; it's a great move there, too. It's a baffling design choice from both a functional perspective, a workload perspective (animating the new move takes more work than retooling the properties of the old one), and from the perspective of making Wario reflect his roots. Again, I'm not mad about the move itself. I'm mad that this move needlessly replaced a better and more Wario-like move.
That's a reason I don't like Wario in Smash, that Wario Waft scares the shit outta me, when I see the other player having is full and ready it's very scary to go near him. It's way more scary than a K.O punch since a waft looks easier to land.

Wish that move was gone, but at least you still have your farting Wario attac-.

That's nothing to be proud of.

Shhhh, Ashley. Well, maybe if Smash 5 ever comes out they'll have the move back with your suggested balances. Maybe Sakurai won't return and this new guy will keep it for sure, unless he keeps Smash 4 Wario because he thinks that what people like.
I get Wario was gross during the early 2000's and all and I don't exactly mind the fart move but I feel they are flaunting it too much. Wario was a character who did more than holding in his farts to murder his opponent. :V
And yet, here we are, with the attack the games pay most attention to being the Waft. His codec conversation, his Palutena's Guidance conversation, his trophies from Brawl onward, Brawl's first trailer, and so on. I mean, I get that it's one of his strongest and most unique tools, but the excessive focus it gets is a little jarring, compared to his biggest attribute normally being his enormous strength.
Wait, is Wario still gross or did he become a well-mannered Mario or just, ummm, less gross? I never met somebody who did farting to attack. I guess the gas is so bad they go flying, lol.

Keep lighters away from Wario!

If he ever let's out gas like that near me I'm gonna flat out destroy Diamond city, even if I have to pay somebody to do it for me....(
OMG, calling one of his farts "Tools"? I'm done, I don't even anymore. I'M DONE! RED, PACK MY THINGS! WE'RE MOVING BACK TO MY HOME TOWN.

Lol, the trailer was very funny. It was like a fart nuke. Pretty gross. Wario's farts, since when did that even become a part of him anyways? just because of brawl or did he fart before in games?