Thoughts on Wario's Woods?


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It's not really a very well known Wario game (and is arguably closer to one starring Toad than anything else), but... the game's always struck me as a sort of proto WarioWare in some fashion. Maybe it's the colourful cast list that wouldn't seem too out of place hosting microgames or something.'s_Woods

But what do you think of the game in general?
Fun fact: the Snes version was my introduction to the Wario series and Wario in general.
But yeah I loooove this game, definentaly my favorite non-Tetris
puzzle game.
The nes version is pretty good too but the snes version just improves on everything like: the controles,the music and it's more challenging too, really the only thing the nes version has over the snes version are the bosses which werent in the snes version at all.
BTW am I the only one who thought that the Nes Remix 2 stages based on the game were way to easy?
I think this is the most obscure Wario cameo next to Mario and Wario (or whatever it was with the mouse and the bucket). It goes under the same category as Dr. Mario 64 imo. It does play like its own game though and there was a ton of levels on it (I've seen a review of both the NES and SNES versions). I wouldn't be surprised if the NES version was on the 3DS VC as it's one of the latest NES games out there. Also because you play as Toad it reminds me of SMB2 (USA). For the people who played it is it harder than Pokemon Puzzle League (on the 64)?
I love this game. It's managed to grab my attention in a way most other puzzle games cannot (the only other one I've had as much fun with is "Henry Hatsworth in the The Puzzling Adventure").

I really wish more puzzle games would incorporate an action/character element to the puzzles, because it makes them a lot more engaging for me. I just can't get myself interested in arranging a bunch of falling blocks for no reason. Add a reason for me to do so, however, and I'll be more interested. Add a playable character who has to navigate around the blocks and arrange them manually? Now you've really got my attention!
Yeah, I think the defining part of the game is the fact that is pretty literally a puzzle-platformer. The fact that you actually have to run around as Toad manipulating the puzzle is pretty amazing and sets it apart from titles like Tetris Attack and Puyo Pop.
On the topic of puzzle platformers (but enough off topic to go on a tangent) I hope there is an official version of Tuper Tario Tros., which is a flash type game that mixes both Tetris and Super Mario Bros. together. It would be interesting to see how much they usually sell for.
I looked up Tuper Tario Bros, and yeah, it looks pretty cool. It seems to use the Henry Hatsworth method of alternating between block-laying and platforming.

And I just remembered another recent puzzle-platformer I've been enjoying: Pushmo World on Wii U.

Anyway, now that I'm thinking about Wario's Woods, I'm also thinking about Wanda, the most obscure character to ever be the playable protagonist in a Mario series game (and the first female to be the sole playable protagonist in a Mario series game). It's too bad she was so obscure, as she would have made a good recurring opponent for Wario (I like this idea of there being a recurring opponent for Wario who is technically on a higher moral standing, yet we the player want to defeat her anyway because she's getting in the way of what we want for Wario).
Why is Birdo even there?
The Devs must have loved Mario 2 ( so do I <3 ), I mean think about it: similar graphical styles, Toad as the main character, Pidgits, Birdo and a heavy focus on lifting things, the game feels more like a cotinuation of Mario 2 than any of the games that came after it (no wonder that I love both versions so much).
Does anyone else find it odd that the Pal version of the nes Wario's Woods has a different Soundtrack than the other versions?
Here is the international title theme:

And here is the Pal one, along with a few other songs:

The round clear theme is the same in both cases, which I'm gratful for because I love that theme.

The Pal VC releases for Wii U and 3DS use the international soundtrack (don't know about the Wii one thought) which is a shame because I prefer the Pal one and yes I have 2 re releases and an nes cardrige of the same game, don't judge.
I remember playing the Super Nintendo version. Still have the cartridge, I think, but last time I used it, the save battery deteriorated to the point to where I had to be careful to keep any save data in there.

I was also upset that the only rereleases were of the NES version, which I didn't even know existed until I randomly looked the game up. I'm sure the NES version is good, too, but I'd like to play the version from my childhood without having to worry about a bad save battery, dang it!
Same here, I like the nes version just fine but the Snes one is clearly superior and I would definentaly buy a rerelease, just for the sake of not having to plug my Snes in, just to play a single game...
It really annoys me that Nintendo seems to be so reluctant to release multiple versions of a game on Virtual Console (I think Super Mario Advance is the first time they've done it?). I don't understand it, since they should WANT us to buy multiple versions of their games.