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@607 Yes i am not Dutch, and thanks i learned something new. I guess it makes sense since they are birth marks so i see the correlation with mother.

@MonaWare I am currently living in Canada. Though i've been living in many places.
But if its my race i'm 1/2 Puerto Rican and 1/2.... well i have to assume half due to my light skin tone, that's all i know.


I don't care about Netflix in the very slightest. A lot of it has to do with losing interest in watching TV altogether (although a lot of people have), but most of the things I like watching are usually on things such as youtube anyway. To be fair, I didn't give Netflix much of a chance. Perhaps with the exception of one or two movies, I doubt I'll be interested in Netflix in the future.

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Here are some more opinions and thoughts of mine on the topic of music that I think are unpopular:
  • I prefer most band's after-breaktrough over their pre-breaktrough work
  • synth/hammond organ solo>guitar solo
  • Many people consider November Rain to be the best Guns N' Roses song, but my favourite is Sweet Child O' Mine.
  • Anti-nightcore>nightcore


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The n64 controller is among the best controllers.
Feel like that one may have been posted before though : p

Juice>tea. The only good tea is fruity tea.