Best day in my life, everything is Wario.
I find it interesting Gold is portraying ashley as a "badass" (big emphasis on the quotation marks) magical warrior-type after years of her being promoted as a dopey moeblob.
To elaborate on what I said before, this is sort of what Ashley's voice from what we've heard so far ends up reminding me of.

This dark, biting tone certainly fits Ashley's personality but I feel like Ashley's voice sounds a little too close in pitch to this considering Tharja is meant to be an older character and thus her voice sounds too old to me.
Dopey Moeblob? Where have you seen that?

maybe substitute it with something less pejorative, but basically a lot of the badge arcade had Ashley drawn in these super-cutesy outfits and had her looking Dead Inside (well moreso than usual) or clearly embarassed by what she's wearing (not to mention her proportions got even more teeny). Going from that to ~slaying demons~ (even in an obviously cartoony and undramatic context) is a pretty big change of portrayal, is all I wanted to note.
Nice to see the demo on the US eShop. Always knew it'd be coming at some point.

As for Ashley, well I suspect they realised the English version's personality is simply more interesting than the Japanese one. It's still not exactly the most in depth characterisation ever, but hey, it's more interesting to have a creepy and somewhat evil character than a simply lonely and quiet one, especially where this series is concerned.
Well she was evil and creepy in WWT (cooking alien or companion)

Yeah, that's true.

On another note, does anyone know if Lulu (or whoever that ghost girl character is) gets her own series of microgames in this one? I recall something about that before, though I also heard about some 'Wario Deluxe' set, so I'm not sure if she ever goes from NPC to main character.

Anyone know?